Get Hands Summer Ready with the Best New DIY Manicure Products


Get Hands Summer Ready with the Best New DIY Manicure Products

DATE 16 February 2015

The harsh winter weather plays havoc on our poor hands, so make sure you invest in the best new technology to get them picture perfect for the summer months and leading up to the wedding - your sparkling engagement ring deserves it!
Start by cleaning hands and then using a cuticle remover. Make sure nails are cleared of any existing nail polish too!

Bruzz nail brush, £9.99, Boots

A good nail strengthener will help to replenish nails that have been weakened by the cold weather or wearing falsies.
Nail HQ All In One Argan Oil & Minerals, £5.99 available from Tesco and Amazon

Nail HQ Hardener, £5.99 available from Tesco and Amazon

For lasting results use a good base coat, followed by two layers of colour and a good top coat. We love a pretty neutral colour for the big day...
Tanya Burr for EyeCandy nail polish, £5.99 available from Superdrug and

If you really want salon quality then opt for a UV Gel system - Sensationail have at home UV Gel Light kits to set your nails for weeks!
Sensationail Pro LED Lamp Starter Kit, £69.99 available at Boots, Asda and

Eyecandy's gel-like formula is also super long lasting and no need for the UV light - great for on the go.
EyeCandy Gel Wrap System, £10.99 available from Superdrug and Tesco

Finish with a beautiful hand cream and cuticle oil to leave skin hydrated and smelling divine.
Skintruth Cuticle Oil, £2.48, Sally stores and

Elemis Jasmine and Rose Hand and Nail Cream, £18 for 100ml (available from March)

Grace Cole Boutique Hand and Nail Cream, £6 for 500ml available at Boots, Superdrug, House of Fraser and Debenhams