Finding The One - How Can You Tell?


Finding The One - How Can You Tell?

DATE 9 June 2017

That perfect moment when a bride is presented with her absolute perfect gown is something that our bridal boutiques live for. So we asked: How do you know she has found ‘The One?’
The One

A bride knows when she has found The One when there is absolutely not one thing she would change about it, then the tears arrive! In a good way!
Kathryn Trueman, Kathryn S Trueman Bridal and Occasions, Morpeth.

I find that a lot of brides just simply say ‘I love it! This is the one! I don't want to take it off!’ as they look at themselves almost teary eyed.
Joanne, House of Bellas, Newcastle and Sunderland.

A brides smile says it all – inner confidence and an overwhelming feeling of emotion is so plain to see on her face when she wears 'The One’.”
Joy, Mia Sposa Bridal, Newcastle.

"She doesn't want to take it off!” June Overton, Amore Brides, Sunderland

She swishes! We usually know before the bride says it's The One because her body language changes, she'll move around, look at the dress from every angle and she'll always swish!” Heather Harker-Smith, Alice Elizabeth Couture, County Durham.

However corny it sounds - your gown finds you. It’s a feeling and there are no words to sum up how you will feel when you put ‘the one’ on, but once we put it on you just know.” Jo Stott, Y.A.P Bridal Boutique, Newcastle

The bride starts to imagine herself wearing the dress on her big day, then her confidence in the dress grows and she starts swishing around and ends up not wanting to take it off. Then follows lots of hugging, laughing, crying and chatting about hairstyles, accessories and make-up. It’s a wonderful experience to be part of.” Sarah, The Wedding Dress Company, Corbridge.

We know she found the ‘one’ by her smile.” Tara Wood, Exclusively Yours, County Durham.

We know a bride has found her gown when someone in the group is tearing up, even if it's not the bride! All other dresses will pale in comparison and the bride starts to feel like a bride, suddenly realising that she is actually getting married!
Alison and Julie, AJ Bridal Wear, Newcastle.