How To Achieve Glowing Skin With Victoria Holdstock


How To Achieve Glowing Skin With Victoria Holdstock

DATE 9 November 2017

If you long for a radiant complexion, then you’re in luck, as today, make-up artist, Victoria Holdstock is sharing with us her tips and techniques on how to achieve naturally glowing skin…
Start With Skincare
“I meet a lot of brides that either haven’t quite found that perfect skincare regime or really don’t do anything other than wash their face and maybe moisturise. It’s so important to get the perfect regime that works for your skin; the difference it can make to your make-up application on the day is incredible.”
“I suggest seeing a skincare specialist or doing your own research for products (I recommend the queen of skincare, Caroline Hirons, to find the regime that’s right for you. Make sure you do this well before your wedding day, and don’t change things up too close to the run up. Treating yourself to a good facial depending on your skins needs is also a great way to pamper your skin, as well as being the perfect relaxing escape from the stresses of wedding planning.”
Time To Exfoliate
“Now you have a good skincare routine, it’s time to throw some exfoliation into the mix, once or twice a week.”
“Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, therefore polishing the skin and releasing that natural glow. I advise to exfoliate the night before the big day and finish it off with a good lathering of moisturiser. This will make your skin soft, smooth and supple, the perfect base for your bridal make-up.”

“Don’t stop at the face though; if you’re showing some skin on the big day exfoliate that body! I highly recommend St. Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer, it buffs and polishes the skin like no other, and it smells like holiday, plus it’s only a few quid! If you’re faking that tan, you’ll want to use this before for the most perfect glowing tan you’ll ever have.”

Hydrate Your Skin
“This is a simple one; drink water and lots of it. Drinking at least two litres of water a day will help to rid your body and skin of toxins as well as keeping it hydrated. You can throw as much highlighter at dehydrated skin, but it’s not going to give you that beautiful natural glow, it’ll emphasize texture and trust me, that’s not a good look. I find keeping a bottle with me all day keeps me on track to hitting that 2-litre target.”
It’s Time To Glow
“Everyone is going insane for highlighter at the moment, there are so many options out there that it can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve tried my fair share, but I cannot fault Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfectors. The liquid versions give a natural, fresh glow that just melts into the skin.”

“The pressed powders are intense, super buttery and pigmented, use with caution you can get very glowy, very fast! I love to use the liquid perfector over larger areas, buffing it into the foundation and finish off with a dusting of the powder on those highest points to give that extra pop.”
“When making up a bride I like to take that glow onto the body, it completes the look and really gives that extra wow. I mix equal amounts of moisturiser with an illuminating moisturiser like MAC Strobe cream, mixing the two gives a glow that’s more luminous and not too iridescent. I then apply it to the décolletage, shoulders, arms and back, basically everywhere that isn’t covered by the dress, sometimes finishing off shoulders and collar bones with a touch of Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector for extra glowiness.”

Words by Victoria Holdstock,

More About Victoria Holdstock
Victoria has more than eight years’ experience in the industry and specialises in editorial, commercial and bridal. Certified to the highest degree with one of the industry’s leading cosmetic companies, brides can expect nothing but perfection with the best quality, professional products.
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