Paradise Beach Resort Debuts Beach Houses


Paradise Beach Resort Debuts Beach Houses

DATE 10 January 2019

Located on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Paradise Beach Resort is excited to announce the addition of five new, two-bedroom Beach Houses. A rarity in the Caribbean, the Beach Houses will be the first built on Nevis hovering above the pristine, white, sandy beach. Raised on stilts over the resort’s private beach, the Beach Houses will offer sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea and neighboring St. Kitts along with stunning sunsets.

Situated on Nevis’ west coast, just north of Pinney’s Beach, Paradise Beach Resort’s new Beach Houses are constructed with thatched roofs by local craftsmen. Guests come upon them through a leafy trail leading directly down to the beach. At the push of a button, the drawbridge staircases descend down to the sand, a playful invitation to venture further in and discover the delights of each House’s private beach deck.

Upon ascending the staircases, guests are immediately greeted by the sparkling reflection of the sea in copper plunge pools outfitted with teal, azure, and opal tiles. Wraparound balustrades with view cutouts create the sensation of hovering far above the sea with not another soul in sight all to be enjoyed from the comfort of your teak loungers. Blending seamlessly with the houses’ interiors, the decks lead into expansive living rooms with open views and carefully placed mirrors to ensure you see the sunset and seascape from every angle.

The quietly luxurious interiors, designed by celebrated British interior designer Naomi Cleaver, are typical of her soulful approach, echoing the very special qualities of the island of Nevis and its tropical old-school, discreet glamour.

Each Beach House comes equipped with a full gourmet kitchen and outdoor grill ideal for cooking or if that doesn’t take your fancy the private concierges assigned to every Beach House can enlist the resort’s private Nevisian Chefs to prepare an authentic repast. They are also more than happy to arrange all manner of other adventures while on Nevis.

The Beach Houses are all two bedrooms, one room with a four poster king bed and a second room with two twin beds both draped with soft white linens and replete with luxury ensuite bathrooms. Whether it’s a romantic vacation, multigenerational escape, or a solo traveler seeking solitude, Paradise Beach Resort can accommodate all types of travelers with the utmost luxury and privacy. Rates will start at £1,121 per night.

According to the resort’s owner, James Cabourne, “The resort’s private palm fringed beachfront is one of the most secluded beaches on island and combined with our sunset and islands on the horizon aspect, truly breathtaking. With the launch of the new Beach Houses, we're able to offer a new experience of Nevis’ natural beauty to our guests.”

According to the resort’s designer, Naomi Cleaver, “Nevis is an irresistible alchemy of the simple and glamorous: this is the spirit I have sought to distill in the interior design of these very special beachhouses where materiality, a sensual palette of texture and gleam, resonates with the beach beneath and the captivating quality of light that develops through the day. Custom made furniture and light fittings combine with playful, poetic details to complete these magical hideaways on the most magical of Caribbean islands.”

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