Matfen Hall Spa Review: Is it Possible to be too Relaxed?


Matfen Hall Spa Review: Is it Possible to be too Relaxed?

DATE 7 June 2019

As some of you may know, the deadline for Belle Bridal Magazine is just around the corner. So when the opportunity to visit Matfen Hall Aqua Vitae Spacame up in the office, of course I volunteered for the hard day’s work…

When I arrived, accompanied with my Belle Bridal dream teammate Paula, at the unforgettable Matfen Hall, we were greeted by welcome drinks and given a form to fill out detailing my current beauty routine (or lack thereof). From this information the beauty therapists at the hall were able to tailor-make the treatments we were to receive.
Once we had finished our drinks we were guided around the state of the art facilities at the Aqua Vitae Spa. From the mood-lit aromatherapy area to dedicated relaxation room – accessible throughout the day –  Matfen Hall had everything a bride and her party could need to escape the bustle of wedding planning for a while.

Losing Track of Time...

After our tour we settled down to enjoy the spa before our treatments in the afternoon. Our first stop was the hot tub. Overlooking the pool, I completely lost myself in the warm bubbling water – for somewhat longer than I expected. After looking at the clock and realising that I needed to get into gear and experience the other, facilities I headed out to the sauna area.

Walking into the aromatherapy room I was enveloped by sweet smelling, warm air and, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, a ceiling of delicate starry lighting. I would recommend the aromatherapy room to anybody looking for the benefits of a sauna, with a gentler heat and I have to say, there was nothing better than laying back, one of the cosy rooms, breathing in the healing steam, while the rain knocked against the window outside.

Ladies who Lunch

After a couple of laps in the heated pool, Paula and I slipped into our complimentary, fluffy robes and slippers, and headed to to lunch in one of the multiple eateries.
For me, accompanying a refreshing glass of fizz was a Cajun Chicken Burger, topped with Jack Cheese and bacon while Paula enjoyed a beef burger topped with a soft-yolked egg.
Once we had polished off the generous portions of the main course, it was time for dessert. Of course both Paula and I had to go for the cream tea. Paula sipped on one of the Hall’s selection’s of herbal infusions, while I opted for a classic English Breakfast to go with the warm scones and chunky jam.

Treatment Time: Is it Possible to be too Relaxed?

We were met in the relaxation room to be taken for our treatments. With myself undergoing a Thousand Flower Wrap – a blend of natural ingredients wrapped on the skin, designed to detox and purify, while Paula experienced a Biotech Radiance Facial (something many brides-to-be opt for to prep the skin for their wedding day). My treatment consultant spoke through my bespoke package beforehand, putting me at ease and answering any questions I had. During my one-hour treatment I was so laid back that at one point I remember thinking to myself: “Hey, I wonder if I could just move in here?”

With the blend of nature and science used to cultivate the ingredients used at the Aqua Vitae spa, even the most sensitive skinned bride can enjoy a selection of treatments to revitalise the skin - either before the big day with her bride tribe, or as a couple’s retreat with their partner.

The friendly, patient staff at Matfen Hall, together with the array of nourishing treatments and comfortable atmosphere, make it the perfect place to visit in the calm before the storm of a wedding… or a magazine deadline!

Images by: KG Photographyand Elmnet