Timeless Wedding Gift Ideas


Timeless Wedding Gift Ideas

DATE 30 October 2019

With more and more couples now living together before marriage, buying the perfect wedding gift is getting more difficult. It's no longer always as simple as buying something to help them set up their new home. Also, purchasing towels or a toaster might not always be the distinct or timeless gift you want it to be...  Belle Bridal has teamed up with Sloane and Sons to bring you some timeless wedding gift ideas.
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Garden Bench

You might think a garden bench is a little impractical. It is likely a little difficult to gift wrap and certainly not something you can carry with you to the reception. However, just think of the romantic gesture in giving a couple’s bench.  It is the kind of gift that symbolises togetherness and will encourage time together in the garden.  You could always have a seat delivered to the home of the couple, putting a quality image in a card for the day.
windsor couples bench

Pots and pans

We know that this might sound unromantic – however – quality pots and pans cost a small fortune. Having just scrimped and scraped for the wedding, it is not likely that the couple will have any money left for such quality.  If you get them something intended to last years, you also encourage them to see the rest of their lives together sharing romantic meals!

Subscription Gourmet Gifts

If the couple is a foodie or life a drink or two, then you could fund a monthly subscription to a gourmet club of one kind or another.  You can organise for hampers to be delivered to their home.  It is a gift that keeps on giving – throughout the months that you fund.
oxford teak couples bench

Additional Home Furnishings

Although the couple’s home may be furnished, everyone needs more soft furnishing.  If you can splash out, you could get some designer bed-ware or a luxurious, cashmere throw – to help them enjoy the start of their marriage in style.


Another great timeless gift is a piece of art.  If you are sure of the couple’s taste, then you could buy something astonishing that will last through time.  Be careful to opt for a style of painting or sculpture that matches the interior design of the couple’s home – then you know for sure it will fit in.
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