The Card and Party Store: How to Plan for a Wedding


The Card and Party Store: How to Plan for a Wedding

DATE 1 November 2019

So you’ve said yes and popped the champagne, what comes next? Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, so here’s a little helping hand from the Card and Party Store; suppliers of greeting cards, gifts and party ware with over 30 years of experience.

Guest list

You don’t have to finalise your guest list right away… but getting a rough guide can not only point you in the right direction when it comes to picking a venue, but will also help you budget for those little extras like table favours and chair styling products.
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A Wedding for Every Season

When planning your special day, take a moment to decide on your overall theme and how this will fit alongside mother nature’s plans. For example, outdoor weddings are beautiful, but if you’re getting married in England, in November, then you might want to reconsider, or look into incorporating a tipi into your reception.
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Knowing the theme of your day can also be a big help when it comes to choosing your venue. The Card and Party Store has a selection of event décor to fir a range of nuptial themes.

One Step at a Time

It can be tempting to try and do everything at once. But there’s no sense in booking any vendors until you know your wedding date, and of course your flowers, cake and venue styling also go hand in hand.
It’s also important to ensure you aren’t taking on too much yourself, your vendors are here to help you, so let them!


Once you’ve chosen your dream venue, it’s important that you know how you’re going to get there on the day. If you’re on a budget, then dressing up your own, or a friends car, with ribbon can be a great alternative to shelling out on a service.
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Card and Party Store Image of Ribbon

Making Memories

On the day, the little extras can really transform a great wedding into an unforgettable one. Set up an area for people to come and sign your guest book and make sure everybody has confetti for that all important action shot as you leave your ceremony space.

Confetti from Card and Party Store
No matter what your size, theme or budget, the Card and Party Store have a collection of handy products to help your wedding day stand out.

For more wedding inspiration visit the Card and Party website and browse the pages of our regional wedding magazine.

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