World Photo Day: Celebrating Our Guest List Photographers



World Photo Day: Celebrating Our Guest List Photographers

DATE 19 August 2020

Say cheese – it’s World Photo Day! To celebrate, we’ve reached out to our Guest List photographers to find out what their favourite image of all time is.
From magical moments under the Tuscan sunset, to heart-warming displays of lifelong love, our Guest List photographers have been behind the lens of some quite sensational snaps which not only display their commitment to the craft, but tell a unique story of their own.

Disclaimer: you might need some tissues.


Dan Clark Photography

Date: 25th August 2018
Venue: Shotton Grange
Occasion: Sophie & Jordan's Wedding

Why Dan Loves It: “The couple in the photo are Audrey & Jim, they are Sophie's grandparents. During the ceremony, Audrey got quite emotional and I had spotted her gripping Jim’s hand as the couple were saying their vows.

“They had both been married for 67 years together, and it was mentioned later on in the speeches about how they were perfect example of married life.

"Only a few months later Jim sadly passed away, but I had received a message from Sophie telling me how much this picture meant to her family – especially her grandma – and that they would treasure it forever.” 

Hannah Brooke Photography

Date: 9th September 2019
Venue: Blea Tarn, nr Langdale, Cumbria
Occasion: Gerry and Shauna's romantic elopement (part of the Wild Ones Workshop)

Why Hannah Loves It: “I love this image because I'm a real country girl at heart, and that view never gets old. It gave me chance to combine two of my favourite things – landscapes and a gorgeous couple. Plus - the way he is looking at her just gets me right in the feels!”

Scott Carney Photography

Date: 22nd February 2020
Venue: The Fig House at Middleton Lodge
Occasion: Melanie and Steven's Wedding

Why Scott Loves It: “It might not be an obvious choice, but I love this image as I think it shows what weddings are really about.

This was taken during the ceremony just after the first kiss – the hug and happiness of finally being married.

I love the winter light which means all the guests are in darkness and you focus purely on the bride and groom and the moment.”

M and G Wedding Photography

Date: 2019
Venue: Hull
Occasion: Elopement Wedding


Why They Love It: “We love this image because of its spontaneity. You don’t get much more normal or everyday than crossing the road, but Zara makes it look incredible – in her own words, she’s like ‘the statue of liberty getting married’.

There’s real energy and happiness to the image – your eye goes to this incredible looking bride, but then it wanders and you see she is within a cityscape and eerily empty street.

It’s an image and a moment that always seems to strike a chord with people, and it has also won us many wedding photography awards."

Richard Perry Photography

Date: July 2019
Venue: Petritoli, Italy
Occasion: Violeta and Zain’s Wedding

Why Richard Loves It: “I've selected this shot as it captured a lovely moment and is complemented by the textured buildings and stunning sky.

I just felt that it all came together in this image.”

Joss Guest Photography

Date: 19th August 2019
Venue: Le Petit Chateau, Otterburn
Occasion: Catherine and Dave’s Wedding

Why Joss Loves It: “I love the peacefulness of this photo. Weddings are busy – but these moments, when the bride and groom can step away just the two of them, are so magical to capture.

The dancing shows the fun that Catherine & Dave were having and their smiles show their happiness! To add, their anniversary is World Photo Day!”

Happy anniversary, guys!

DPR Photography

Date: August 2018
Venue: Jesmond Dene
Occasion: James and Charlotte’s Wedding at As You Like It

Why They Love It: "Picking my favourite photograph is tough, but I feel this photo hits me with a bunch of emotions because I know the couple.

They were very nervous about having photos taken and almost didn’t want to go to Jesmond Dene.

They were happy that we did though, as this was also their favourite image of the day!”

Laura Beasley Photography

Date: 3rd August 2019
Venue: West Hall Scout Campsite
Occasion: Sara and Neil’s Wedding

Why Lauren Loves It: “This was the couple’s 20 minutes away from all of their other guests, just to relax and have a few photos taken together.

The sun was just starting to get low in the sky which made the neighbouring field turn a beautiful golden colour, and we just had to take advantage of this.

It was a beautiful day from start to finish, but that sunset was perfect.”

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To find out more about our Guest List photographers and how they can capture your wedding day in all its beauty, head to our luxe list of wedding suppliers – the Supplier Guest List.