Belle Bridal's Big Virtual Wedding Show: Why We’re Doing It and How You Can Watch

Everything you need to know about this never-seen-before show!


Belle Bridal's Big Virtual Wedding Show: Why We’re Doing It and How You Can Watch

Everything you need to know about this never-seen-before show!
DATE 26 October 2020


Wedding inspo, but make it digital...

We’ll start with a story…
One couple who were planning their marriage wanted to go to a wedding fair, but the capital, carbon and covid restrictions meant it was a non starter.
But then, a little bridal magazine from the north east of England came up with an idea.
A spectacular, fully-choreographed wedding show – but make it virtual.
No travelling, no social distancing complications, but all the immersive, inspirational and interactive features of an iconic Belle Bridal show. Now that’s an idea we can get on board with.

Our Aim

Our aim for 2020 was always to support, nourish and nurture our wedding industry colleagues, while ensuring our brides have all the inspiration they deserve.
Having launched #AW20 to great avail, and continuing to build our #guestlist community, we feel we’ve done just that – but in true Belle Bridal fashion, we want to take it a step further and go back to our roots: presenting the most spectacular, award-winning, blow-your-socks-off wedding shows.
While we can’t do that to our full capacity right now, we feel we’ve found the next best thing.

The Show

Hosted on the first all-in-one live online events platform, we, along with event heroes JC Events and Scott Spock Photography, have found a format for the ultimate Virtual Wedding Show.
This is not our usual rodeo. This isn’t Instagram stories on a Sunday (although they’re lovely…)
This is a first for northern brides and wedding suppliers – a fully-fledged, professionally-produced show, bringing the wedding wonder workers closer to our beautiful brides than ever before.
Couples can attend, chat and engage fully with all exhibitors as well as attending ‘main stage’ feature productions, catwalks, entertainment, advice clinics – all from their laptop or phone/device.

Think a live presenter with a full production team. An avant-garde catwalk with all the bells and whistles. Live chat room sessions pre-bookable for couples. A gown sale featuring fantastic bargains you can’t find on the high street. Incredible giveaways and stupendously good competitions.
From your sofa, or wherever you find yourself on Sunday 29th November, you can get ready for your big day while getting some much-needed enjoyment.
We’ve got so many fun features planned within the show, from hidden treasure hunts to bridal bingo, so settle in and prepare to be entertained!

How it Works

The natural next question is, ‘how does it work?’ So let’s explain.
The platform is a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas that are optimised for connecting and engaging.

Brides can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections we’ve created for them.
To watch the show, you must buy a ticket via EventBrite (page and price coming soon!) and you’ll be emailed with a unique link to the event.

The Areas

Once you enter the event, you’ll see the reception area.
This is effectively an information hub where we will showcase the exhibitors and sponsors (with clickable logos to their website), display the schedule and welcome you in for a great time.
On the left sidebar you’ll see other areas in the venue. One of which is the stage, where the magic happens.
This is a one-to-many interaction area that allows all the viewers to watch the catwalk, gown sale, and listen to the presenter talk you through the show, introducing sessions and exhibitors.
Another of the areas is the sessions section.
This is where the scheduled advice clinics and live chats are hosted, allowing you to interact with suppliers and ask them questions live on camera.
Wedding Creatives (EXPO)
This area is your virtual vendor booth exhibition hall. Each exhibitor will have a profile, with a summary of their service and a video to introduce them.
They’ll talk you through their services, answer your questions through the dedicated chatrooms, and you can register your interest with the click of a button.
The networking area lets you connect with other brides, just like you would at an in-person show.
There will be a live technician on-hand throughout the show to answer any queries.

The Low Down

The benefits for both brides and exhibitors are vast, and we believe we are the first in the north to produce this type of event.
Suppliers, we hope you will join us and seize the opportunity to showcase your service. All you need to participate is a willingness to engage with brides and access to the internet.
Brides, we hope you’ll want join us to get all the key information and beautiful inspiration needed for your big day.
Let’s finish the year on a positive, community-driven note and be part of something truly trailblazing.
For full price packages and enquiries email or For tickets, click here.
Please note: spaces are VERY limited and we expect unprecedented demand. Full schedule TBC.


Fauxever Blooms,
Charlton Hall,
Savin London, 
Doxford Barns