Meet The Guest List : Alyce Jayne Bridal

We sit down with head Alyce Jayne designer Alison Malcolm – the spearhead of this Scottish, bespoke and boundary-breaking label


Meet The Guest List : Alyce Jayne Bridal

We sit down with head Alyce Jayne designer Alison Malcolm – the spearhead of this Scottish, bespoke and boundary-breaking label
DATE 8 April 2021


Meet the Maker...

For bespoke bridal wear, we've found the piéce de rèsistance. Alyce Jayne Bridal is a magical little design studio based in Glasgow with a real go get-em attitude to big day wear. Aimed at the modern romantic rebel, their pieces are all hand-designed and created with vintage influences in mind, incorporating alluring elements like tulle cup shaping, intricate corsetry and dramatic puff sleeves. Head designer Alison Malcolm is the spearhead of such spectacular fashion finesse – and here, we get to know the gown guru.

How did your love for bridal begin?

I always loved designing garments and just love all the old movies with the glamorous costumes as well as historical fashion, but I ended up leaving school at 16 and working for the local council, settling down and starting a family (3 kids!). At 26, after teaching myself how to sew and make garments the dressmaker way, I wanted to learn how to manufacture properly so I packed in my job and went to Glasgow Kelvin College to study Fashion Design and Production for 4 years!

My final year was a one year top-up degree in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University where I produced a final collection. I decided on bridal as this allowed me to incorporate all of the things I loved into my pieces – a bit of drama, historical features and corsets.

When did you open Alyce Jayne Bridal?

After passing with a first class honours towards the end of 2018, I finally decided to go for it. I was working part-time hours in the college so started creating a collection as well as setting up a small studio and a website. Alyce Jayne Bridal was born!

Alice and Jane were my grannies so I thought naming the business after them would be a nice tribute.

I started going to bridal fairs and advertising, then lockdown happened which has been awful for everyone. We are happy that things seem to be improving and are ready to welcome brides back into our studio and accept online orders.

Three words to describe your bridal collections…

Made With Love

Brides love your boutique because…

We offer pieces that are modern and romantic but with a little bit of an edge – different to what’s on offer anywhere else and can be tailored to fit your body shape. The bespoke option appeals to many brides who are struggling to find what they want in a more traditional bridal boutique.

We will be honest about what we think will work for them and involve them in the decision making process. It’s all about YOU!

Tell us about your collections. What’s new for 2021?

This past year we have been working on a new Made to Order Collection of Alyce Jayne Designs that can be ordered in standard sizes. These are simpler pieces with little signature Alyce Jayne style features like statement sleeves and corsetry elements and a modern twist. There are more pieces in development so watch this space!

Describe the service a bride receives from you?

We are a small studio who pride ourselves on quality. During the bespoke process the bride gets to be a part of their wedding dress journey. They are involved in the design of the dress, the decision making process and have lots of fun try on appointments. I end up good friends with my clients as we go through the process.

What inspires you every day?

I love designing and making garments and still get excited with every piece that I make. Every time I watch an old movie or a TV show with amazing costumes my mind goes into overdrive with new design ideas. I hope to keep doing this for a long time!"

To find out more about Alison and her beautiful bespoke designs, head to Alyce Jayne Bridal's dedicated Guest List profile or enquire about a potential garment via their website.