Ginilla Cake Design's Top Ten Tips to get the best wedding cake

Ginilla Cake Design explains how to get the most out of your cake consultation


Ginilla Cake Design's Top Ten Tips to get the best wedding cake

Ginilla Cake Design explains how to get the most out of your cake consultation
DATE 8 March 2022


A Slice of Life...

Looking for your wedding cake inspo? Unsure on whether you want a three tiered cubic design or negative space? Can't decide on chocolate or lemon? Buttercream or fondant? Take a breath, as we have sat down with our beloved Guest List cake maker Ginilla Cake Design to take the pain out of this part of your wedding planning and help you get the most out of your cake consultation!

1. Write down any questions you have for your cake designer before your consultation to take with you 


It can be so easy when you’re in your consultation to get swept up in the conversation and forget the questions that were

in your mind. By writing them down prior to your consultation this will ensure you can refer to them and not forget.

2. Consultations usually last for an hour so use your full hour to make sure you get the most out of it

The more you talk with your cake designer the longer they are getting to know you and your vision for your big day. From

personal experience we have discussed elements of a couples cake at their consultation, started chatting afterwards to

them and they then mentioned something which they had forgotten to say which was vital to their cake design.

3. Don't be afraid to ask questions 

If you are unsure of anything in your consultation then always ask your cake designer. There is never such a thing as a

stupid question. Believe me they would rather you ask than worry about it.

4. Take all your inspiration items with you. Colour swatches, invitations, Pinterest boards, mood boards 

For us this is definitely the most important element of creating your cake design. All of these things help your designer to

build a picture and understand your vision of your special day. Creating a cake design that reflects your vision.

5. Be open minded 

If we had a pound for every time we’ve heard a bride say ‘I’ve chosen my dress but it was totally not the style I was looking

for’. The same goes for your cake, be open to suggestions your cake designer may have for your design. Trust in their

experience, knowledge and creativeness, this is what they do best.

6. Be clear on your budget 

Money! That word that we don’t like to talk about! However, it makes sense that if you have a budget that you need to

stick to then your cake maker needs to know about it. This is not so we can create something at that maximum limit but by

being clear on your budget it can save a lot of time, making sure your cake designer doesn’t design something too

elaborate and way over your budget.

7. How much cake? 

This really does depend on a few factors. How many guests will be at your wedding, what time of day you’ll be cutting the

cake. If you want your cake as the main dessert. If you want to make sure you have plenty of cake leftover afterward. Your

cake designer will advise you on the options available.

8. Bring a notepad and pen

It’s always handy to jot down any notes or to do items that arise from a consultation.

9. Don't bring too many people to your consultation  

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Too many cooks spoil the broth- or in this case the cake!

Most cake designers do stipulate only two or three people are invited to a cake consultation. This is because too many

opinions can cause a consultation to be less productive and at the end of the day it’s all about you! Your day, your wedding

vision and how you want your day to be.

10. Have fun!

Enjoy your consultation. We always say the end goal is getting married but it’s all about enjoying the journey there too. 

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