Wedding Invitations: The very best tips, tricks and trends for perfect Wedding Stationery from Tree of Hearts

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you and your fiancé are starting to plan for one of your most exciting and memorable days! If so, let’s talk about wedding invitations!


Wedding Invitations: The very best tips, tricks and trends for perfect Wedding Stationery from Tree of Hearts

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you and your fiancé are starting to plan for one of your most exciting and memorable days! If so, let’s talk about wedding invitations!
DATE 16 January 2023



Your stationery is a crucial part of any wedding. Invitations must reflect your relationship and personalities through themes and colours and, therefore, must be chosen carefully. With so much riding on your wedding stationery, staying current with the ever-changing trends we see in modern weddings can be overwhelming and challenging. Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone! Here are some tips, tricks and trends that will help ensure your save the dates, wedding invites and thank you cards reflect the unique love story between you both while staying totally on trend today. So grab a seat (or maybe a glass of bubbly!), and let us talk you through this journey!

Get the invite right!

Let's dive straight in! Your wedding invitations are more than just an announcement - they're also your chance to share a glimpse of the special moments and memories yet to be made on your special day. Picking out your favourite design, theme, and style will determine how guests feel before ever stepping foot into the venue whilst also giving them an insight into what colours and aesthetics to expect. Naturally, therefore, it’s worth some careful consideration! Make sure you both have fun with this process; we've got all the details on our top invitation picks that'll help you find those perfect stationery keepsakes as you celebrate a fantastic milestone in your lives.


Archway Invitations  

Positive: This invitation style is so modern and unique that it’s fast becoming a popular go-to for brides! With an interesting yet soft and feminine shape, it’s a perfect way to nod to modern trends whilst still choosing a design or theme that resonates with you. 

Consider: This will be a 2023 Bride’s favourite shape, so if your goal is to stand out or ensure your wedding look is individual and new, this may not be the template for you. It may also have its challenges regarding space for information, so if you have a lot to share with your guests, you may benefit from a style that allows for more room.


Boutique Invitations 

Positive: If you’re looking for a traditional and timeless invitation style, this is the one for you! Along with a romantic and conventional look, there is ample space to share all the guest information you need.

Consider: Along with the luxury look and different pieces in a boutique invitation set comes a considerably higher price. Therefore, If you’re not looking to spend too much on your wedding stationery, this style may not be the one for you. 

Adding those perfect touches to this special day should be stress-free and enjoyable. It should be a moment to look back on with fondness and happy memories! We’d love to help you out! Consider all your options regarding wedding stationery design, style and colour, and chat with your partner about their preferences. Along with our expert advice and beautiful quality paper, creating an invite that genuinely reflects you both as a couple can be effortless and fun. Don't worry about mistakes or budgeting limits; we'll guide you through selecting a style that's just right for both of you!

Top Tip!

If you’re looking to save money and devote your wedding budget to more significant areas such as venue, dress and food, then spending the time to scour social media could be massively beneficial. Why not have a research day with your bridal party, assigning each of them to a specific area. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok are full of tips, tricks and real-life weddings to gather inspiration and ideas, plus introduce you to new brands!


Create a theme 

Your wedding day is right around the corner, and it's time to think about where you'll say ‘I do’ and how that setting will shape the theme of your wedding! Whether a bohemian celebration awaits or an elegant soiree in a beautiful estate, every venue comes with its own unique atmosphere. The venue will massively play directly into deciding colour palettes, fonts & styles for all things bridal! Think dreamy loveliness with botanical elements and delicate font choices for your outdoor, bohemian venue. In contrast, classic estates and halls call out bold colours accented by traditional floral stationery and regal lettering, perfect for making a remarkable statement! Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to weddings. You must also be sure to get creative and find something beautifully tailored just for you. You won't regret embracing exactly what makes YOUR big day uniquely yours!

Picking the perfect invitations for your wedding can be one of the most enjoyable and exciting tasks. There are endless options to choose from, but it's no secret that this could take some serious time! To ensure you stay calm with decisions, start by keeping things simple and minimal when choosing your invites or save the dates. That way, nothing has to change if you find something you love along the way! Then, simply switch shades & tones until you bring your perfect vision to life!


Some themes and ideas we love include: 


Something Blue: Blue is a popular colour trend for weddings and compliments many other colour schemes or themes. Take a modern twist on the traditional “Something blue” by using it as part of your wedding invitations!

Neutral Foliage: If florals feel too colourful and feminine for your perfect wedding, soft and neutral foliage is a great alternative. Eucalyptus is always a beautiful and popular choice for brides and is a theme that can be used in venue and decor. 

Monogram: This is definitely a current go-to for 2023 brides and will soon become just as frequently requested as florals! Keeping things simple and chic will always be timeless and elegant, precisely what you want from your wedding day!

Rustic and natural: This theme will always be popular for brides who wish to have that soft and homey feel for their special day. A natural brown base surrounded by country florals is the perfect theme for a countryside or barn venue. 


Wedding Trends to watch


With the world in a new and uncertain place after Covid-19 and the ever-changing financial climate, brides-to-be are hosting weddings that fit their unique tastes while also being mindful of the world around us. From more intimate ceremonies to digital celebrations, there's no telling what you can or can’t do for your special day! So let’s explore some fresh ideas so that you find exactly what’s working best for 2023 and beyond!


Petite Bouquets - Gone are the days of dramatic, waterfall bouquets! Instead, 2023 brides are opting for a much more understated floral arrangement. These mini bouquets allow for a smaller budget and even a chance to create them yourself. 

Pearls are in - Pearls will pave the way for dresses and accessories. Sparkle is set to have its moment in 2023, but there’s still room for pearls. Brides can use them on nails, veils, dresses, and hair. This accessory continues the understated, minimal theme that’s taking over!

Eco-Friendly - Brides everywhere will embrace sustainability by investing in their eco-conscious dream weddings! From responsibly-sourced stationery (like ours!) to food, second-hand dresses and locally grown blooms, it's never been easier for couples to create a beautiful celebration while making the planet smile.

Smaller guestlist - Newly-engaged couples now opt for a much smaller guest list. Along with the rise in costs and after the pandemic, brides are enjoying the intimacy and personal feel of only having their closest family and friends present. In addition, this choice allows more money to be spent on the rest of the wedding, which brides are favouring. 

Congratulations; you’ve just taken the first steps towards making your dream wedding come true! We really do love helping you create a memorable and beautiful day that is unique and personal to you and your partner. Trends, of course, have their place but don’t be afraid of going against them. If you feel it will bring out more of who you both authentically are, then you should definitely make your decisions based on what you love! After all, this should be a reflection of what makes the two of you perfect together. Invitations tend to set expectations, so take time to pick yours and enjoy the process. If you would like to see some extra ideas and styles, we've got plenty of options over on our socials or blog page; check them out today!


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