New and Noteworthy: A Huge 2024 Lies Ahead For Hugo and Elliot

Looking for a boutique that has it all? We sit down with Sean, owner of Hugo and Elliott Bridal to uncover the secrets to their success.


New and Noteworthy: A Huge 2024 Lies Ahead For Hugo and Elliot

Looking for a boutique that has it all? We sit down with Sean, owner of Hugo and Elliott Bridal to uncover the secrets to their success.
DATE 23 October 2023



1. Tell us what’s new for Hugo and Elliot for 2024?

2024 will be a big year for Hugo and Elliot with the opening of our second store in North Wales. Wales is my home country and I always wanted my second store to be in my hometown. I'm really excited to expand and to meet a whole new demographic of brides!
Other new and exciting additions to Hugo and Elliot is the addition of the Fabulous Monreal brand for our brides and Miabelle for our Bridesmaids. I'm really thrilled to have these brands in store. Earlier this year I was scrolling through instagram and came across the Iris gown from Monreal, and that's where my love story with the brand began. I find their dresses to be unique and fashion forward, but there are also some amazing classic gowns. Coupled with the elegant Miabelle bridesmaids gowns such as Martini and Milan, I think brides will be super pleased and fall in love much like I did.
Iris Gown, Monreal
Martini Bridesmaid Gown
Milan Bridesmaid Gown

2. Talk us through your designer rail of labels…

I believe Hugo and Elliot have a really eclectic mix of designers. Classic gowns from Ellis and Eddy K marry well with the fashion-forward gowns from Eva Lendel, Pronovias and Ria Tener. I'm also really pleased to work with some small British Designers such as Nicola Anne who designs some of the most beautiful gowns in store.
One of my most high end designers is Anna Campbell with whom I've established a great relationship. I'll be visiting their flagship store in February and hosting their most recent collection "Written in the Stars" trunk show this December in our Norton Salon.
You will also find beautiful gowns from Kenneth Winston, Moonlight and Truebride, which complement our accessories from Ariana Tiaras, Rainbow Club and Piorier, as well as our Multiway Bridesmaid gowns.

4. Talk us through the Hugo and Elliot shopping experience?

The Hugo and Elliot bridal experience is second to none. The perfect mix of luxury and comfortability. Our reviews speak for themselves!
  • You are initially greeted with your name in lights on our welcome sign. You enter the salon and step onto plush carpets (we operate a shoe off policy so you can feel at home) and are met by not only us, but by the main reason you're here! Wardrobes full of Designer wedding gowns made from luxurious materials.
  • The salon has over 100 gowns on the shop floor for you to browse and choose your top eight to try! Sometimes one of these can be "The One", but for first time brides, we use this method to help you discover what you do and don't like before selecting further gowns for you to try.
  • When you are ready for the podium, the Mirror placement helps you to see your dress fully from all angles and in full view of your bridal party.
  • When you do find your dream dress (normally after some happy tears and laughter) your celebrations can begin, as one of the biggest decisions about your wedding day is finally made. From here on in, every decision you make about your wedding will be built around your gown and knowing what you're going to look like will make these decisions so much easier.
  • A successful appointment ends with a photo for you and your party saying "YES" to your dress. You also get to pick a memory key as a keepsake for your day! We will bid you farewell but very much look forward to the next time we see you.
Even though you have picked your dress, your journey with Hugo and Elliot has only just begun. We will be with you all the way through to your dress collection and beyond until you collect your dress from the seamstress. We may even see you before your dress arrives to help you with your bridesmaids or accessories!
Neonilla, Monreal

5. The most important lesson you have learnt developmentally for your boutique?

To worry less! As a bridal business owner it's important that you pick dresses that are appropriate for your bride type but you can not have every bride's dress and sometimes you have a gown that just doesn't perform in the way you expected.

6. Any standout trends for 2024 you love?

Florals are going to be big for 2024 and I'm excited by some of the gowns coming in from my designers! Some shop stoppers for me are Blume from Eddy K and J6893 from Moonlight Bridal. I'm also a very big fan of a halterneck which I think will also be seen quite a lot in the coming season. Again some of my favourites would be Megan from Studio Ellis and Cameron from Anna Campbell.
Eddy K Blume
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