Having a Winter Wedding? Here's The Pros and Cons

Get some Belle to Bride advice on the pros and cons of a merry matrimony during the wintry months of the year.


Having a Winter Wedding? Here's The Pros and Cons

Get some Belle to Bride advice on the pros and cons of a merry matrimony during the wintry months of the year.
DATE 6 November 2023




Winter weddings can be a magical and memorable choice for couples looking to tie the knot during the colder months, it allows you to create lasting memories in a cozy and romantic atmosphere. While winter weddings can be beautiful and magical, they also come with some disadvantages that you should consider when planning your special day. Here is some Belle to Bride advice on your snowy soirée...

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  1. Magical Atmosphere: Winter weddings can create a magical and romantic ambiance with the possibility of snowfall, twinkling lights, fireplaces and cosy, welcoming styling. Guests will love the inviting vibe, creating a home from home and a great party atmosphere.
  2. Unique and Memorable: Since most weddings are held in the spring and summer, a winter wedding can be a unique and memorable experience for both you and your guests. A date for the festive calendar, and an excuse to celebrate an anniversary during the colder months.
  3. A Winter Wonderland Backdrop: Snow-covered landscapes and winter scenery can provide stunning backdrops for wedding photos. Capture candid moments of guests enjoying all of the winter festivities, sipping mulled wine, roasting marshmallows and waving sparklers.
  4. Savings, Savings, Savings: Many wedding venues and suppliers offer discounts during the off-peak winter season, which means that dreamy luxe honeymoon is yours girl!
  5. Less Competition: With fewer couples getting married in the winter, you'll have more flexibility in choosing your perfect wedding date and securing your preferred suppliers.
  6. Cosy Atmosphere: The colder weather allows for a cosy and intimate atmosphere, the perfect opportunity to crack out the candles, blankets and cushions for romantic fire-pit drinks.
  7. Winter Themed Decor: Embrace the season with elegant winter-themed decor, like evergreen and pinecone decorations, Christmas trees, mistletoe and wreaths which can be cost-effective but just as beautiful. Tis' the season of the best colour schemes, crisp forest greens, crimson reds and sparkles, bridey!


  1. Unpredictable Weather: Winter weather can be unpredictable, making it touch and go for transport if the snow and ice do not play nice. Winter can bring grey and overcast skies, which could impact the aesthetic of your wedding – just ask the photographer...
  2. Limited Outdoor Options: Outdoor ceremonies and receptions may not be practical in cold weather, restricting your choices for venue and style. Trying to heat an outdoor ceremony for you and your guests could get expensive.
  3. Shorter Daylight Hours: Daylight hours are shorter in the winter, which means less natural light for your capturing the moments on your day. Maybe starting the celebrations earlier could be an option, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere...
  4. Snowed in!: Travelling in the winter can be more challenging for your guests, especially if you have a destination wedding or guests coming from out of town. This could make it difficult for some of your guests to get there and raise your stress levels immeasurably.
  5. Seasonal Floral Choices: Flowers are seasonal, so if you have a certain bouquet in mind make sure you're in the season when they bloom. Winter flowers are just as vibrant and colourful, but different types grow best at certain times so do your research.
  6. Health Concerns: Illnesses like colds and flu are more common in the winter, potentially getting a hold of you, your partner, or your guests. You don't want your 'I do's' to be covered by 'Achoo's'!
  7. Holiday Conflicts: Scheduling a winter wedding close to major holidays may lead to conflicts for some of your guests, meaning everyone may not be there to celebrate with you.

It's important to weigh-up these pros and cons and how they make impact the vision for your winter-wonderland wedding. But with proper planning and consideration, you can still have a beautiful merry matrimony.



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