The Best Destinations in France for Luxury Honeymoons

Are you planning a luxurious honeymoon in France? With myriad options, the choices might overwhelm you. Will you immerse in Paris' timeless romance or indulge in a private wine-tasting tour in Bordeaux? Read on for a list of the best destinations in France for luxury honeymoons.


The Best Destinations in France for Luxury Honeymoons

Are you planning a luxurious honeymoon in France? With myriad options, the choices might overwhelm you. Will you immerse in Paris' timeless romance or indulge in a private wine-tasting tour in Bordeaux? Read on for a list of the best destinations in France for luxury honeymoons.
DATE 22 April 2024
AUTHOR Phoebe Usher


Voyage de noces


If you want to spend your honeymoon exploring enchanting châteaux, picturesque vineyards, and idyllic landscapes, head to the Loire Valley. This UNESCO World Heritage site boasts a romantic retreat amidst fairy-tale settings and opulent accommodations, ensuring an unforgettable start to your journey as a married couple. 

For a lavish honeymoon experience, stay at luxurious hotels or boutique châteaux, providing an intimate setting to indulge in pampering experiences, from private dinners in elegant dining rooms to couples' massages in tranquil spa settings.

If you're seeking adventure and cultural enrichment on your honeymoon, the Loire Valley is a delight to explore. Aside from exploring magnificent châteaux, such as Château de Chambord and Château de Chenonceau, where you can marvel at exquisite architecture and stroll through lush gardens hand in hand, you can embark on private tours of renowned vineyards, sampling exquisite wines and gourmet cuisine amidst breathtaking scenery.


Stroll through the region's towns and villages, with charming cobblestone streets lined with artisanal shops, and savour local delicacies at quaint cafes and restaurants. Engage in outdoor activities, such as hot air balloon rides over the vineyards, leisurely bike rides along scenic trails, or romantic picnics by the river.


Paris is undoubtedly a fantastic destination for couples seeking luxury honeymoons in France. Known as the "City of Love", it's an iconic destination luring honeymooners from all walks of life. Couples who want to splash out on luxury can stay in opulent accommodations, from historic grand hotels with panoramic city views to intimate boutique hideaways nestled in charming neighbourhoods, ensuring a romantic pampering retreat in the heart of the French capital.

One of the reasons Paris has become a popular honeymoon destination is its abundance of activities tailored for couples, allowing you to create cherished memories together. Embark on leisurely walks along the Seine River, hand in hand, taking in iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. Take romantic boat cruises along the Seine or private tours of the city's architectural marvels for unparalleled views and intimate moments.

Furthermore, Paris' vibrant arts and cultural scene provide endless opportunities to explore and spend quality time together. When on a honeymoon in France, Paris is a remarkable place full of love and discovery. From seeing world-class performances at the Opera Garnier to touring art galleries in the Marais district and wandering through quaint neighbourhoods, finding hidden gems and romantic spots at every turn.


Normandy has everything you expect from a luxury honeymoon in France - opulent stays, picturesque landscapes, historic charm, and luxurious offerings. When looking for an upscale place to stay, Normandy will spoil you with options, from elegant châteaux to boutique hotels and intimate seaside resorts. These places are enveloped in luxury and romance, ensuring an unforgettable start to your married life.


Normandy's rich history makes it a fascinating place to explore for couples seeking a wealth of cultural experiences on their honeymoon. Explore the breathtaking Mont Saint-Michel, wander through quaint medieval towns like Honfleur, or visit historic sites like the Bayeux Tapestry and the D-Day landing beaches.

Discover Normandy's culinary scene, guaranteed to delight your senses with its bounty of fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, and world-renowned apple-based products. Indulge in romantic dinners in gourmet restaurants overlooking the sea or indulge in private wine tastings at local vineyards, savouring the regional flavours with the love of your life.

Moreover, Normandy's stunning natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities and romantic escapades. Take leisurely walks along scenic coastal trails, enjoy picnics on secluded beaches, or embark on scenic drives through picturesque countryside, creating cherished moments amidst the region's enchanting landscapes.


Nestled in the heart of the French Alps, Chamonix offers an ideal luxury honeymoon destination, particularly suited for active couples seeking adventure and romance. This charming mountain town boasts breathtaking scenery, adrenaline-pumping activities, and some of the most incredible luxury ski chalets in France ensuring an unforgettable experience for newlyweds.

Active couples will love Chamonix, where they can stay in a luxurious ski chalet, perfect for a romantic break. Nestled in picturesque surroundings, they provide the ideal retreat after a day of adventure. Cosy yet opulent, these chalets offer unparalleled comfort and privacy, with amenities such as private hot tubs, gourmet dining options, and stunning panoramic views.

For active couples, Chamonix offers outdoor adventures amidst stunning Alpine landscapes. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can carve down world-class slopes in winter, while hiking and mountain biking trails are popular during the warmer months, providing opportunities for exhilarating experiences and intimate moments amidst stunning landscapes.

Chamonix's charming town centre boasts chic boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and lively cafes, offering a chance to indulge in shopping, fine dining, and cultural exploration.


Renowned as the world's wine capital, Bordeaux is another fantastic destination to spend a luxury honeymoon in France. Nestled amidst picturesque vineyards and historic landmarks, Bordeaux captivates newlyweds with its timeless charm and luxurious offerings.

When looking for opulent accommodations, you can choose from grand hotels housed in elegant 18th-century buildings or intimate boutique hotels in the heart of the city's historic centre. These luxurious retreats provide a romantic and pampering atmosphere with gourmet dining experiences, spa treatments, and top-notch amenities.


Wine enthusiasts will delight in a wealth of experiences to satisfy their indulgences. Book private vineyard tours, offering opportunities to sample exquisite wines and learn about the region's rich viticultural heritage. You can also enjoy romantic picnics amidst the vineyards or sunset cruises along the Garonne River, savouring the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Moreover, Bordeaux's vibrant culinary scene specialises in the delectable flavours of southwestern France, with its array of Michelin-starred restaurants, bustling food markets, and cosy cafes offering exquisite regional cuisine. Explore the city's cultural treasures, from the majestic Place de la Bourse to the iconic Bordeaux Cathedral, immersing in the city's rich history and architectural splendour.

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