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Inside Bex Brides bridal boutique – also know as The Secret Attic – brides will find a curated presentation of fashionable labels with affordable price tags coupled with bespoke pieces created by multi award-winning designer and owner, Rebecca Lombard-Earl (aka, Bex.)

Located in the heart of Darlington, Bex Brides specialises in bohemian, vintage and alternative bridal style perfect for today’s eclectic bride-to-be.

For designer, Rebecca Lombard-Earl, bridal fashion is more than a trend; it is timeless and glamorous, and has the power to transform. From her secret attic showroom, Belle Bridal talks to Bex, exclusively, about her designing process, trends she foresees, and her next adventure – Bex and Boo…

The inspiration behind my bespoke pieces… is my passion for the glamour of the 1920s to 1970s bridal design.

A trend I foresee is… ombre. It’s an upcoming trend that takes me back to my childhood of dip-dyed skirts and tops. It’s a way to introduce colour to an ivory gown in a very personal way.

Is there something missing in bridal?
If there is something missing in bridal, it’s not a problem for me. If my brides can’t find something I can simply make it!

If I hadn’t gone into designing bridalwear… I would still be designing. I’ve been exposed to beautiful gowns since I could walk. I can’t imagine not making bridal gowns and accessories now.

How do you keep your vintage gowns modern?
All my clients add their own personality to the gowns, which keeps them both modern and timeless. I design for a mix of brides wanting a fully authentic, era-accurate look and those just taking inspiration from a decade.

My biggest fashion faux pas was… my blue mascara in the 80s, it was best left there.

What are your favourite social media accounts to follow?
I don’t really engage or follow any one in particular. I wouldn’t know a Kardashian if I was stood next to one. Give me a period drama instead!

My approach to designing is… my ideas just appear and I just start pinning and draping the fabric. I like to work straight on the mannequin. I rarely make the same design twice, as I like all my brides to be truly individual.

My biggest design lesson has been… to have faith in myself. After years of lovely reviews and winning awards each year, I find it a little easier now. I’m lucky I get to do what I love.

What’s next for Bex Brides?
We are very excited for the future, as our intern student Abbey, also known as Boo, has come back from uni to work with us full-time. We make an amazing pair and have some fabulous ideas – watch out for Bex and Boo!

Bex Brides
The Old Stables, Hurworth Grange, Hurworth, Darlington
07801 443 931

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