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Everybody loves a wedding but planning a wedding can be downright stressful for brides-to-be. From organising guest-lists, seating arrangements to venues, there is so much to plan! Decisions on the floral colour schemes, dress designs and who to choose as bridesmaids. Bridal stress is a unique essentially temporary type of stress and can be connected to much deeper family issues and emotional challenges.

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1001 Remedies Goodnight balm… is the perfect antidote to relax an anxious bride-to-be. A rich relaxing balm created from 99.8% Melissa essential oil to help a bride-to-be sleep through 1001 Nights. The Goodnight balm is a natural remedy for anxiety that will immediately help brides-to-be to take a breather from the interfering mother-in-law and bridesmaids.

Studies have indicated a reduction in the levels of anxiety in 80% of cases. The magical delicate fragrance will help brides drift off into a childlike sleep and forget all the dramas of her dress alterations. The calming affect promotes a lasting deep sleep to will improve your overall better quality of life.


1001 Remedies Good Night balm contains soothing Melissa essential oil to relax the heart and the nervous system, hence calming the body, alleviating sleep disorders and facilitating a deep sleep. The ingredient Neroli is a renowned nerve calming and anti-stress ingredient allowing brides to pacify states of anxiety. The Chamomile essential oil, known for its sedative properties is particularly powerful as oil for sleep deprivation during those bridezilla moments.

Steps for a blissful bride-to-be sleep…
Step 1: Every night before going to bed, a bride-to-be can slowly rub a small quantity of the Good Night balm on her décolleté and inside the wrists for a baby-like sleep. A shower one hour before going to bed and/or relaxing music will ensure your body and spirit remain in balance.
Step 2: A bride-to-be can close her eyes and sense the refreshing touches of Melissa and the sweet touches of Neroli to make her step into a world of non-bridal dreams. The balm leaves your body delicately scented throughout the night.


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