Twisted Tailor

Suits from Twisted Tailor

Suits from Twisted Tailor

It’s too easy for guys to turn up at their own wedding looking like a clone. We wear suits that stand up to tradition, but say nothing about us. 

We have the power to change.

Suit from Twisted Tailor

Delivering tailoring with attitude, Twisted Tailor is the British fashion brand for a non-conformist generation.

Suits from Twisted Tailor

With skinny fit tuxedos in fabrics that shimmer, shine and make the retina pop, you’re not laughing in the face of tradition, merely showing it what can be achieved if you’re not willing to accept the expected.

Suits from Twisted Tailor

Influenced by the gritty, non-conformist attitude of the punk era, twisted with effortless styling and slick silhouettes, Twisted Tailor tuxedos, dinner jackets, blazers, shirts, trousers and outerwear allow for your personality to shine through.

Whether your wedding is strictly black tie, or of a more casual ilk, your clothing should make you feel comfortable and confident.

With the contemporary cut of Twisted Tailor’s tux/jacket/trousers, you’ll immediately feel more at home… With a killer silhouette that will take the breath away at 60 paces.

Suit from Twisted Tailor

Brides don’t have to be a wedding’s only star. Dress well, and together you can become a glorious constellation.


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