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Bridal bronzing secret tips from an expert

Bridal bronzing secret tips from an expert

This grey wintery weather can really drain the complexion of a blushing bride, Amanda Bell Elite make up artist is allowing us to share her secrets to restore that bloom…

Porcelain skins look amazing with a creamy sheen to highlight the skin and some clever shading to enhance the features finished with a pop of peach blush and even the darkest skin is truly transformed with a little self tanning product!

Apply your chosen foundation but as a tip try applying it by firstly warming it between the palms of your hands and massage onto your skin a bit like a moisturiser. Your foundation kind of merges with your skin and gives the perfect base to add bronzers and highlighters. Amanda always recommend using a powder, preferably a loose one, to set your make-up. This will really help to give you the long-lasting, smooth finish that all brides want.

If you’re stuck for which colour bronzer to use, fair skins can happily use a lighter beige based shade accompanied by a soft peach blush-think Nicole Kidman. Medium skins can go for terracotta based shades with a pink blush-think Kim Kardashian. While dark skin will look amazing with a reddish based bronzer and brick red blush-think Tyra Banks.

The secret to “secret” bronzing is to mimic how the sun hits your face naturally, the best look is to use a matt bronzer then add a light reflecting product onto areas you want to accentuate. Take a fairly large, rounded brush and twist the edge of the brush in the bronzer compact so you get a ring of colour on the outside, but none in the middle of the brush. This technique allows you to have more control of the colour, letting you build up gradually.

Sweep the colour under cheekbones, then up into temples and blend lightly along your hairline. Repeat until you build up the amount of colour you want. Accentuate this by adding a shimmery powder or cream along the top of your cheekbones, down the centre of your nose, arch of your eyebrow and on the cupid’s bow of your top lip. Et voila, a wonderfully warm finish that creates the perfect canvas for the rest of your make-up!

Great tips, thanks Amanda

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