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Choosing a wedding dress train

Choosing a wedding dress train

Wedding dress trains can add a touch of elegance and be a dramatic accent to any wedding dress. Determining which style works best can be daunting as there are many types to choose from. Some details to take into consideration when deciding on a train are the location and wedding style (traditional, extravagant, simple, etc.). Below are examples from Alexandra Grecco, Tara Lauren, Julie Vino, and Moonlight Bridal of some of the most popular styles.

Types of Wedding Dress Trains

Sweep Train
The sweep train is a great choice for an outdoor or casual wedding or for indoor brides who want a simpler look. This is the shortest of the wedding dress trains and brushes about six inches along the floor. Plus, if you opt for a sweep train, you don’t have to worry about a bustle either!

Alexandra Grecco

Tara Lauren

The Watteau train would be ideal for a destination or outdoor wedding. This train attaches to the top of the dress at the shoulders or upper-back and gives gowns a more dramatic look. This is another hassle-free train that gives you the option of two separate looks as the bride can remove it after the ceremony for the reception.

Alexandra Grecco

Julie Vino

The chapel train is the most popular type of train. It is a nice middle ground for brides who want to keep it simple while still making a statement. This one extends about five feet from the waist.


Moonlight Bridal

A cathedral train is ideal for the bride who wants all eyes on her at an indoor, formal wedding. While this train is stunning, it measures about six or seven feet behind the waist and will require some assistance. Your bridesmaids can help with keeping the train in order during pictures and the ceremony and bustling.

Moonlight Bridal

Julie Vino

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