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Confessions Of A Wedding Planner

Confessions Of A Wedding Planner

Confessions Of A Wedding Planner – because sometimes weddings are stranger than they appear…

When it comes to weddings, we always ask the bride or groom… Well now, the tables have turned! Grab some popcorn and immerse yourself as some of the region’s wedding planners share with us their most memorable moments – anonymously, of course! Expect the bad, the strange and the downright weird…

Confessions Of A Wedding Planner

Potato Homage
“This couple had quite an alternative wedding. At the end of the ceremony, they had a ceremony paying homage to potatoes. They’d made little potato men and had a voodoo ceremony, bowing and kneeling to the potatoes.”

Strip Tease
“A bride did a full-on strip tease (yes, very full on) for her groom in front of all of her guests at the evening disco.”

Line Of Duty
“I once climbed out of a window on one of the upper floors and scaled the window ledge, in high heels, to clean bird poo from a window which was in full view of the ceremony guests. Being a wedding planner ought to come with danger money!”

Light On Your Feet
“We had a bride who wanted to get married in the dark, with illuminated pedestals guiding her down the aisle. She looked like she was being taken on board a space craft. She also made her groom stand on a wooden plinth, as he was considerably shorter than she was – even in his Cuban heels.”

Hide The Dog!
“Our business owner still doesn’t know that we sneaked a dog into a ceremony… He was a well-behaved staffie, dressed for the occasion in his little bow tie and collar!”

Sleep Away Bride
“After the ceremony and food, the photographer went off to do venue shots, but when he came back he was struggling to find the bride. I then went off to help and searched everywhere… We found her asleep in one of the rooms.”

“I’m Engaged”
“One guest turned up to her friend’s wedding in a white Self Portrait dress, Louboutin heels and the biggest hat you’ve ever seen. She burst into the wedding late announcing ‘Everyone, I’m engaged!!!!’. You could say, if that had been my wedding, she would have promptly found herself wearing a glass of red wine.”

Lack Of Coordination
“Our new wedding coordinator put his hand through the wedding cake… Luckily he’s everybody’s best friend and everyone found it hilarious, including the couple.”

Family Business
“At my wedding, my bridesmaid’s other half threw a pint over her mum – it was intentional as well!”

Thrills & Spills
“One groom was adamant he wanted fish and chips served on his wedding day, and the bride supported his involvement in the wedding planning… Until he dropped a full ramekin of ketchup down her dress.”

Awards Of The Day
“We hand out fictitious awards… Awards on the day go to the Best Dressed Female, Most Wants to be the Bride, Most Drunk, Hottest Male… and so on!”

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