Imaginarium Balloon Studio

Get to Know Imaginarium Balloon Studio:

Specialising in one-of-a-kind, blow-your-socks-off balloon installations, Imaginarium Balloon Studio is a bespoke, luxe styling company based in the North East.


Be it a bunch of pastel pink balloons for a window display, or vibrant spherical cluster climbing up a staircase, Imaginarium have the tools to create the most magical balloon projections that will elevate your event into the next level.

The Balloon Lady:

The girl boss behind the balloons is Chloe, a forward-thinking creative with a passion for, well, balloons.


With a robust background in graphic design, Chloe uses her expansive knowledge of colour palettes and spacial design to create off-the-chart amazing installations for her clients.

Having launched the company in 2018, Chloe has seen Imaginarium’s success soar (pardon the pun), growing a huge online following for her Pinterest-worthy projects as well as a long list of happy couples who have seen their wedding balloon dreams come true.


Bespoke Balloons:

For Chloe, no two installations are the same.

She pushes her creativity to new heights when tasked with each and every project, using different colour palettes, arrangements and compositions to fit in with her client’s particular style.


Using a wide range of materials, from latex and luxury foils to other wonderful worldy giants, Imaginarium’s wonder knows no bounds.

Whether it’s a 3D heart, a confetti-filled (or snow, for festive soirées) bubble, a cluster of luxury foil balloons or a huge holographic show-stopper, you can make exactly what you want from Chloe’s service – with the added plus of being able to add custom-made tassels, pom poms, trails and garlands.


Belle Loves: Chloe is a strong believer in the term “shy bairns get nowt”, so ask her anything and she’ll see what she can do. Now that’s customer service.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Chloe now and wow your guests in a truly innovative way. The sky’s the limit!

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