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Get to Know Paylor Photography:

Husband-and-wife team and childhood sweethearts, Rob and Rebecca are the creative couple behind the lens of Paylor Photography.


Having struck a common chord with their passion for the arts, the pair got together and soon realised it was just destiny that they begin a life not only as husband and wife, but as co-workers, too.

It wasn’t long before the devoted duo realised they’d found their forte, working together to capture the most magical moments for other unique couples in love.


Laid-Back Lovin’:

Above all, the one thing you should be on your wedding day is relaxed – and Rob and Rebecca certainly agree with that.

Their decision to merge married life with a working one pays dividends each and every time they hit that shutter – photographing incredible, natural images for those they work with.


Their laid-back style of shooting aims to put you at ease in front of the camera, to not only showcase your personality, but to create completely carefree photographs that are reminiscent of real moments.

Forget faffing and forced smiles, their goal is to capture the romance and love of a couple and a wedding day by photographing moments as they happen – without the added stress of the ‘need for perfection.’


Things they love: Travelling (#vanlife), pineapple on pizza, sustainable living, bike adventures, dungeons & dragons, cats, cake, and gin!

Personal Pictures:

When they’re not indulging in Hawaiian pizzas and gin (yes please!) or going on adventurous bike rides (oh…) Rob & Rebecca are taking time to get to know their couples from the inside out.

They operate on the mantra that they’re not just there to photograph your day, but to be two pairs of helping hands, providing a real support for you both during what can be an incredibly stressful day.

And, when they do hit that shutter, you can rest assured the result will be anything but boring.


From light-drenched natural shots to cliché confetti throws, their repertoire of skill lends itself to those one-of-a-kind images that have enough personality and emotion to warrant hanging on your wall forever.

“We love getting artsy with photos, creating images that no one will have and are completely unique to you.” – Rob

So, if you’re looking for a pair of laid-back, creative photographers for your wedding, get in touch with Paylor Photography now.



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