To Be Revealed

Get to Know To Be Revealed:

To Be Revealed is a bespoke wedding stylist that promises to elevate your day into Boho wedding style-stardom.      

Run by passionate creative Stacey Hartley, brides and grooms can rest assured their preparations are in the safest hands possible – with a wealth of know-how at her fingertips.

Boho Luxe Bespoke Stylist:

Inspired by the boldness of fashion, the drama of the theatre and armed with a desire to create beautifully bold style – Stacey works alongside the super-cool, style-loving dreamers.

“I believe that style in any way should be a reflection and expression of who you are and what you want to say! I create a style to showcase exactly who you are.” – Stacey

Bespoke boutique style is Stacey’s thing – full of colour, full of life and full of dramatic details that create an elegant yet edgy, bold, statement-led Boho Luxe style that is unmistakable.

Revealing Your Vision As Reality:

Her job is to turn your vision into a reality, and to execute a bold styling concept that will reflect exactly who you are and wow your guests.

The Service:

To Be Revealed offer two options to help you create your Boho Luxe dream wedding.

  • Full styling and design – For those who need help in visualising and creating your wedding day and need a friend to execute your vision.
  • On the day coordination – for those who have planned their day but would love a professional there on the day to set everything up and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Stylish, Bold and Statement:

Stacey’s ethos runs true throughout her brand – ‘Boho’, meaning socially unconventional and ‘Luxe’ meaning the optimum quality.

“I love deep, rich colour palettes that are a little bit indulgent but balanced out by some bright tones.”

Led by creativity, Stacey constructs bold, statement-led designs that tell a story and are filled with items that showcase a particular vibe.

Creating an atmosphere is her biggest priority in her designs. Understanding how a couple wants to feel when they step foot in their venue is at the forefront of Stacey’s process – demonstrating how much she commits to offering a personal, bespoke service to each and every customer.

“The style I create is inspired by you! I don’t believe in set designs that are repeated – I believe everyone is unique so styling your day is a collaboration between you and I.”

If that’s left you feeling inspired to bring a custom, awe-inspiring look to your wedding day, get in touch with Stacey now, and, as the name suggests, the magic will be revealed.

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