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Give The Gift Of A Scent Wardrobe With Sniph

Give The Gift Of A Scent Wardrobe With Sniph

Sniph is the gift that keeps on giving — up to 12 monthly scent discoveries per year for the price of a single bottle. Ideal for the bride and groom who are searching for their signature wedding day fragrance, or the perfect present for bridesmaids, mother of the brides/grooms and the whole wedding party!

Europe’s leading perfume discovery service, Sniph, is topping every wedding wish list this year. At the forefront of the fragrance wardrobe trend, Sniph makes it possible for subscribers to discover up to 12 exclusive scents per year, right at their doorstep.

Scent Wardrobe With Sniph

Perfume is a notoriously tricky gift to give and receive. Not only does it have to be ‘the right’ scent, you also have to commit to a big expensive bottle. Sniph takes the pressure off and brings the joy back to the entire experience with their perfume discovery service, which encourages subscribers to change their scent as often as they change their outfit.

Best known for their online subscription service, Sniph makes it possible to discover up to 12 unique scents per year from niche perfume houses around the world in a convenient 8ml size. Subscribers can use the service to either build a personal scent wardrobe or sample around until they find their new signature scent.

Scent Wardrobe With Sniph

A combination of luxury, playfulness and affordability makes Sniph the ideal gift, as well as a unique and memorable experience. Shoppers can choose from three, six or 12 month gift cards, which can be purchased and printed instantly from the online shop. Recipients choose their own adventure when they activate their subscription, selecting from six distinctive collections. Each perfume comes in an 8ml pocket-sized bottle that fits in a reusable smart case.

“This is definitely one of those gifts that keeps on giving,” says Tara Derakshan, Co-founder at Sniph. “There’s a world of unique scents out there, and Sniph is delighted to make it more fun and accessible for everyone to experience.”

Scent Wardrobe With Sniph

Sniph gift cards are available in three, six and 12 month subscriptions and start at £40. Shoppers should stay tuned for holiday specials, including an exclusive gift box. To learn more, or browse the collections visit, sniph.co.uk. For more beauty inspiration, take a look at our dedicated Belle Bridal beauty section.

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