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Hotspur 1364: Onto Bigger and Better Things

Hotspur 1364: Onto Bigger and Better Things

Hotspur 1364

National Award-winning menswear brand Hotspur 1364 have absolutely excelled the last few years, giving them the amazing opportunity to expand their business onto larger premises.

Hotspur 1364
Hotspur 1364 pride themselves in dressing grooms and their men in dapper, super cool suits and outfits. Offering private suit fittings every day of the week and exclusive out of hours tailoring, this bespoke experience is the luxury ordeal that every groom deserves.

It’s not just Bride’s that get the ultimate 5 star treatment for their big day preparations, it’s the guy’s turn now.

For an experience unlike any other, Hotspur 1364 will have you tailored in the most dapper suit, you’ll be entertained with football and pool tables and beer on tap for the groom and his entourage. Also offering an in-house barber, you can get a clean cut or roughed up style while picking out your designer attire.

Hotspur 1363

The interior at this grungy new shop was sprayed by an actual graffiti artist with fabulous little touches, for original and one-off décor.

Hotspur 1364

Breaking the rules with this new concept store, the modern gentleman will feel right at home at this engaging, slick boutique.

Even better than the previous location, the new place has double the floor space, parking right outside, and is just a stones throw away from the original site. So don’t worry if this was your goto spot, you don’t have to find somewhere else!

Hotspur 1364

Located just a short walk from Alnwick Castle, enjoy a great day out picking your outfit and being spoilt at Hotspur 1364, then maybe take a trip to Alnwick Castle and check out the magical wedding venue.

If you want to visit this amazing new boutique of designer groom and menswear, you’ll find it at 14 Fenkle street, Alnwick. 

Here’s a look at some of the clients rocking Hotspur 1364’s debonair suits. Snazzy, smart and chic, everything you’ll get from Hotspur 1364.

Words by Beth Callaghan

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