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How To Organise The Ultimate Hen Do

How To Organise The Ultimate Hen Do

Organising a hen do can be one of the most stressful things for anyone to do. A hen party is a personal and intimate experience – this may be something that the bride-to-be has dreamt of since she was a little girl, and if you are the Maid of Honour that is a lot of pressure on your shoulders. But fear not, Last Night of Freedom have come up with some top tips in organising the perfect hen weekend…

How To Organise The Ultimate Hen Do

Location is key. Somewhere boring will not make it a memorable weekend. Somewhere too crazy could result in an injury so horrific for the bride that she could end up in a moon boot on her big day. We suggest sitting down with the bride and going through destinations both here in the UK and abroad. Over recent years, more hens have been opting to stay in the UK in cities such as Newcastle and Leeds, leaving he likes of Marbella and Barcelona back in 2013. Think of logistics about how people are going to get there and how. Doing research is essential. Look for what places have to offer in terms of accessibility and nightlife. You would not book a family holiday without scanning the web, so why would you do it with a hen weekend?

Like location, activities can really make a hen do. There are some great activities out there than can make a weekend one to remember. From dance classes to butlers in the buff, there is something for every group. Or if you do not want to do something that may make you regurgitate last night’s cocktails and late night kebab, then go for flower crown making or a nude life drawing class. Classy with a just a hint of promiscuity. But if you are stuck for ideas, then head to a hen weekend organiser for some inspiration and take the stress out of booking both the destination and activities.

Guest List
Getting the girls together is a lot harder than you think. You have to sit down with the bride to sort out a guest list, but you then have to sit and get in touch with all of them too, so make sure you put aside time to get all this done. Some may say yes, some no and some may not even get back to you, but after you have got that definitive list of guests it gets easier.

This is definitely one of the most stressful aspects of organising a hen party. If you are the Maid of Honour, you are normally in charge of organising and making arrangements for a lot of people – and chances are that you do not know everyone that well.
Set up a Facebook group or a group email, so you are not getting swamped in phone calls and voicemails and losing track of who needs to know what. It is also a good way for the people who do not know each other to break the ice and chat before the big night out or weekend away.

The source of all evil, plenty of arguments and most hen-party-related stresses. It is certainly the tricky part of arranging a hen weekend; you do not necessarily know what the rest of the party can afford, so you must be mindful. Set a budget on per person – if it is £150, then stick to £150 and split it accordingly between accommodation, activities and everyone’s share of the accessories. And if there is a little left over, why not get a bottle prosecco for the table at one of the clubs to get that party started. As for collecting money, there are a couple of way in doing that. You could simply give the group your bank details but that means you have to fork out for everything then getting money back to you in drips and drabs could be a pain. Alternatively, if you use a stag and hen company they can manage that for you. For example LNOF have started a brand-spanking new online ‘kitty’, so that you do not need to be chasing up people for their share, which is always a bit awkward.

If you are the Maid of Honour, take the lead with this stuff. Go crazy – you never see a hen do without accessories, so why should the one you are planning be any different? Go for the Bride Tribe style and keep the whole thing classy, but do not forget them willy straws!

Finally… Have Fun
The hard bit is over with. Once you arrive, just like the bride, you can sit back and marvel at all your hard work.

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