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Industry Icons: Romina Fochesatto

Industry Icons: Romina Fochesatto

As part of Belle AW20’s commitment to championing the true titans of the wedding trade, we constructed a series of in-depth portfolios on some of the industry’s most iconic creatives.

One of which was Romina Fochesatto, an Argentinian designer with a passion for beautiful, bespoke bridal wear… 


Craftsmanship, textures, the main event itself and the body of the wearer are truly symbolic to the painstaking attention to detail and technique that embody a Romina Fochesatto creation.

Tell us a little about the crafting technique behind your iconic designs?

Each one of my bespoke designs is made by hand. From hand-embellishing a lace, to designing a bespoke embroidery personal to the bride, our gowns are made one-by-one in a process that takes between four and 16 weeks.

How does it feel to see the end design upon one of your brides?

Wonderful. I truly consider my brides a friend and seeing them happy wearing the design I created makes all the infinite hours of work worth it.

What fabrics do you love to work with most?

Natural fibres. Natural silk in all its varieties is beautiful; organza is perfect for embroidery; chiffon is amazing for hand painting; satin and crepe have the best drape for minimal style.

Something you would like to see more of in the bridal industry?

Bespoke designs. In my opinion, a wedding day should be tailored to each couple and become an exclusive experience.

The last act of kindness you witnessed?

Wedding suppliers collaborating and searching for alternative ways to get over this crisis, instead of competing or making profits out of it.

Describe your fashion style?

Feminine, passionate and intuitive – with a focus on detail.

If you could describe your bridal style signature look what would it be?

Natural power. I like statement shoulders which keep the body free for comfort and movement. A natural beauty is always my goal.

How have you grown in 2020 and more importantly, what has it taught you?

To push myself to the next level. I’ve developed my embroidery techniques and hand beading skills – so much so that I’ve made
it to the annual Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery 2020 Final!



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