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Interview With An Icon: House Of Mooshki

Interview With An Icon: House Of Mooshki

We chat to The Girl With the Twirl – Vikki McCarthy- Wright, Director at House of Mooshki…

Brides from all over the globe are flocking to the UK with one intention – to wear a Mooshki Bridal vintage-inspired gown – the most feminine of frocks where the sculptural qualities of tulle create skirts that move and swish in the most flattering of ways. For the 2019 season we see the brand play with colour, more girly accents and serious embellishments. Most noteable of all is that all Mooshki gowns can be ordered in any length and virtually any style – what is calf length can be tea length and what is tea length can be long length and so on. A playground of pretty for the fashion-conscious bride you could say.

How did you get into the bridal industry?
I spent 24 years in the Royal Navy as a Wren, before leaving when my son was four years old. I then worked as a local business manager for Barclays, before moving on to become business consultant for Business Link, which is probably where my passion for business started. I began House of Mooshki part time and after redundancy hit, I decided – with the full support of my now husband, to dive in fully. I felt I could make a real business after our initial designs were admired by colleagues and friends. I started in 2009 in the North East where I am based with a handful of five gowns, non of which I really liked when I look back!

And the name? Where did the name come from House of Mooshki?
The name to this day always makes me smile (and my now 21-year old son cringe!) Mooshki was a word my then 2-year old son used when trying to say “Excuse Me’ So, translated literally, we are the House of Excuse Me’s”.

What is it that brides love about the Mooshki gowns?
Our signature internal bodice work hugs the body and is the starting point for the Mooshki look and the 50s hourglass shape that our brides love. We twin amazing corsetry with fun designs and innovative applique. Our gowns suit brides of all shapes and sizes and are inspired by old school Dior and Balenciaga, I mean come on – who doesn’t love that look?

What’s new for 2019?
For the first time we are really playing with colour and textures. There’s lots of sparkle and fun accents on our gowns this season. Our fabrics are pretty much fluid from season to season and include hand-dyed Guipere lace, satins and tulle.
We have also introduced a mother of the bride range to Mooshki, again focusing on key trends and flattering silhouettes from the 50s.

How affordable is a Mooshki gown?
Our popularity is 100% down to affordability. A custom design dress from our team is competitively priced, beautifully designed and something to treasure for years to come. As an FCA approved company we can offer finance to brides if they so wish.

To make an appointment at their North East showroom visit, www.houseofmooshki.com. For more gown inspiration, take a look at our dedicated bridal fashion book.

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