Love Fusion: A Cosmic Showcase

13 March 2018
By Sarah Adams

Greetings brides-to-be, the future of bridal fashion has arrived and as shown in this cosmic showcase – Love Fusion – it’s here and it’s holographic. From shimmering bodices to pearlescent headwear, these intergalactic-inspired bridal looks are stealing the spotlight and we’re completely digging it.

Embrace these multi-dimensional looks any way you please, either with an iridescent highlight, a full-face of glitter, a sprinkling of stardust, or a touch of stellar gold leaf – it’s all about challenging the status quo and breaking down bridal barriers.

Creatives & Credits //

Photographer: Gabriele Di Martino

Beauty Director: Valeria Orlando using VOR Makeup

VOR Assistants: Ferdinando Borrelli, Jessica Pezzella, Alessia Sbaraglia, Gaia Bartolucci, Francesca Ferrarini, Rebecca Brigada.

Models: Emma Sukurica, Ching Chen, Alexa Wu and Meve Zunderdoro from Wave, Ira Kotsyuruba and Marija Rozic from 2Morrow, Camilla Haarde from Major Models, and Gabriela Menin and Ainhoa Foti from Major.

Fashion Editor: Myra Postolache

Production: The Secret Code Of Fashion

Videomaker: Luca Condorelli

Location: Erreci Studios Milano

Assistants: Mirko Cappeddu and Paolo Mazzia

Dresses by Antonio Riva

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