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Material, Girl: MiaMia Collection Crush

Material, Girl: MiaMia Collection Crush

Corina Gown, MiaMia

Combine 25 years of bridal design with a cutting edge eye for the chic and what do you get? The modern, vintage-inspired collections from MiaMia.

Astrid Gown, MiaMia

Influenced by the kaleidoscopic events of the early 20th century, bride’s considering a MiaMia gown can expect to find intricately embellished bodices, and fresh new fabrics from the latest collection, designed by Marguerite Hannah, who has also curated the illustrious Alan Hannah gowns over the last 25 years. 

“I fall in love and become obsessed with the whole process of creating.” – Marguerite Hannah

 Hannah herself has received no fewer than seven awards for Best British Bridalwear Designer of the Year, and when you look at this collection you can see why. Each gown is carefully cut to create clean, white silhouettes ,with luxurious lace and intricate beading. 

Charity Gown, MiaMia

MiaMia is part of the Alan Hannah family, designed with the same dedication as its sister brand, but with a fun-loving identity of its own. If you’re on the hunt for a dress as dedicated to the details of your wedding day as you are, then look no further than MiaMia.

With a designer who dubs herself as “obsessed” with the design process, every gown in their 2020 collection has its own story and personality. Whether you’re looking for a boho daydream or a glittering showstopper, all that’s left to do is find your perfect match!

Sandalwood Gown, MiaMia


Hey Sister!

MiaMia is the unique younger sister label of Alan Hannah. It benefits from the know-how of expert bridal designer Marguerite Hannah’s knowledge, whilst also paving the way for the individual, millennial bride.


For more bridal inspiration take a look at our dedicated Fashion Look Book, or browse the glossy pages of our bi-annual, regional magazine. 


Gowns: MiaMia


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