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Meet the Guest List: Marley Rose Cakes

Meet the Guest List: Marley Rose Cakes

For all the foodies out there (let’s face it, who isn’t?!), the cake is the piéce de rèsistance of a wedding day.

A centrepiece for your guests to marvel at, a slice of sweet deliciousness following your meal, and a personalised masterpiece of you as a couple – there’s no desert quite like it.

Marley Rose Cakes is a Yorkshire-based baker with a real talent in creating captivating wedding cakes.

We spoke to Emma, the brilliant baker behind the terrifically tasty tiers, to discover just why she should be the first port of call for your wedding cake.

Stacey J Evans Photography

Tell us a little bit about your journey into designing dream wedding cakes.

For a long time I was in the financial services industry, but craved something more creative and rewarding.

My love for the craft started when selecting a fabulous cake maker for my own wedding back in 2016. I helped out with the design process and through exploring all the techniques, additions and flavours on offer, I got a great insight into the industry.

Finally, when my daughter arrived, it gave me the perfect opportunity to turn my baking from a hobby into a business – and borrowing my daughters name for the business – Marley Rose Cakes became real!

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Is there a particular style you love to create?

It’s such a diverse and creative industry, but my favourite style to create almost always incorporates free-hand painting in cocoa butter.

I prefer painting flowers as you can ‘go with the flow’ with them whilst making them really personalised, but I love when a challenge presents itself too.

I’m no professional artist, but if it’s pretty, I’ll do it!

Your favourite flavour?

That’s a tough one, I still think the classics are classics for a reason, but depending on how I feel, it’s either Salted Caramel or Cherry Bakewell for me.

Three words to describe your creations?

I’m going to try and be clever with this one to avoid being cliché and say…

‘Attention to detail’.

What areas do you cover geographically with your cakes?

Most of Yorkshire really, but it’s always worth getting in touch to ask!

What do you think is a huge trend for 2021?

I really think 2021 will be the year of the super personalised cakes as so many have had to cancel, postpone or severely amend their weddings just to be able to get the day to happen.

What better way to celebrate finally getting hitched than a cake that screams the personal style, interests or even likeness of the couple!

Are there any new or additional products on the horizon for you in 2021?

I have recently added my own whimsical, hand-made Bride and Groom model toppers that are made to order and can be personalised.

I’m currently also in the process of adding hand-painted calligraphy that can be added to your cake in the form of your favourite text, poem, or just your initials too.

Ultimately, I will be taking the business into a direction that I really enjoy – dedicating more time to creating my beautiful wedding cakes.

To find out more about Emma and how Marley Rose Cakes can elevate your wedding cake into a marvellous marriage memento, head to their dedicated Guest List portfolio here.


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