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Meet The Guest List: Pennick Photography

Meet The Guest List: Pennick Photography

If our digital community of wedding suppliers, the Belle Bridal Guest List, has provided one thing – it’s discovering this phenomenal North East photographer.

Dominic Pennick is a north east based wedding and family photographer with an edge.

His dramatic, artsy-edged images are enough to have you crying real tears over a couple you don’t even know, adopting an unobtrusive storytelling approach to capture the most memorable moments, magically.

Our digital community connected us with this sharp shooter on Instagram, and after seeing his jaw-dropping images, we not only enrolled him onto The Guest List, but appointed him as the photographer for Belle Bridal Digital’s spearhead shoot, A Modern Fairytale at Ellingham Hall.

A story of discovery and connection that we’re about to bestow upon to you too, Belle readers.

Read on to meet this camera master, from his inherently laidback and informal approach, to his show stopping snapping skills.

Tell us how your love of bridal started and your journey to choosing wedding photography as a vocation?

I’ve enjoyed photography for over 20 years now.

I used to travel with my wife to horsey events all over the country and photograph her competing, it helped distract my attention from the scarily big fences they’d be jumping (you can probably tell I’m not particularly horsey myself and prefer to keep my feet on the ground!)

I had a friend who did wedding photography and was lucky enough to second shoot for him at a few weddings.

That was it, I was hooked! I loved getting creative and capturing those special moments from someone’s big day.

Second shooting for other fantastic photographers and studying different photographers from around the world helped me develop my own style and approach to a wedding day.

I just love photographing weddings.

It’s the happiest day of someones life, and being the one that gets to capture all of the little moments, emotions, laughter, tears, and telling the story of the day through photos that they will look back on, is a huge honour!

Three words to describe your style?

Documentary, Creative, Relaxed.

Tell us about the service you provide to your couples?

My approach is very relaxed and informal.

It’s their wedding at the end of the day, not a photo shoot. Other than a few stunning couples portraits, nothing is posed.

Weddings, to me, are all about documenting the craziness, emotion, and fleeting moments that happen along the way.

My role is to tell the story through the lens in an artistic and creative manner. They’ll know I’m there when they need me, and the rest of the time I’ll be as invisible as possible.

Black and white or colour? What’s your favourite?

I like both. Most of the images I give to my couples are colour, It catches the eye and sets the tone for the gallery, but sometimes a photo just lends itself better to black and white.

Black and white images can appear timeless and you can really get creative with light and shadow and it can help to convey emotion from the image.

THE TECH TREND: What kit do you use?

A couple of years ago i switched to Sony from Canon and have never looked back.

I shoot with two camera bodies and prime lenses, Usually 24mm and 85mm (though at the moment I’m tinkering more with 35mm & 135mm).

The autofocus and low light capability of the Sony mirrorless cameras is just fantastic and a world away from the old Canon dslr’s.

Your dream setting to shoot would be…

At the moment, after the year we’ve all had… Anywhere! I’m desperate to get back to photographing big, happy, fun weddings!

If I were being greedy my dream setting would have to be Lake Como in Italy. It would be absolutely phenomenal, It is just stunning there!”

We have to say, we agree Dom. #LetsGoToLakeComo

To discover more about Dom and his amazing wedding photography packages, head to his website, or his dedicated Guest List portfolio here.

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