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North East Gallery Shapes Up With New Jewellery Collection

North East Gallery Shapes Up With New Jewellery Collection

Unique shapes and complex forms take centre stage at a Newcastle gallery this autumn in celebration of how makers explore structure within jewellery design.

The STRUCTURE collection, curated by The Biscuit Factory – the UK’s largest independent commercial art, craft and design gallery, located in Newcastle – features the work of 13 UK-based jewellers encompassing more than 200 individual pieces of jewellery.

From cutting-edge 3D-printing and laser cutting techniques to eco-friendly materials made from recycled coffee grounds – the processes are just as unique as the finished products.

Highlights include aerospace engineering graduate Lynne Maclachlan’s colourful 3D-printed jewellery which plays with light, space and colour; Magda Koenner’s statement monochrome pieces inspired by architecture; and former architect Kate Trouw’s sculptural ceramic shapes made from innovative polymer clay.

Jewellery curator Megan Collier explains: “Our new STRUCTURE collection not only showcases beautiful jewellery but brings together what, we think, are stunning handcrafted wearable pieces of art. Completely original – you won’t find these pieces anywhere on the high street.”

The STRUCTURE collection runs from 7th September to 28th October 2018. All the pieces in the collection are for sale, with some of the jewellers also offering the option for a commission.

For more information and to shop the jewellery collection online, visit www.thebiscuitfactory.com

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