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Pure Skin Without The Price Sting – Beetox Bee Venom Serum Review

Pure Skin Without The Price Sting – Beetox Bee Venom Serum Review

I’ve long been obsessed with beauty, but my obsession has mainly been make-up based. I’ve never suffered any major skin issues that needed addressing, however, there comes a time in every girl’s life when she realises she needs to stop taking her skin for granted. As I started to consider investing in some skin saviors, Beetox’s Bee Venom Serum landed on my desk.

I wasn’t without my reservations, the main ingredient in this product is purified Bee Venom. I’d never associated the word venom with anything positive – until now. After reading the science behind the brand, I was itching to slather this product onto my neglected face.


Beetox safely extracts venom from bees and mixes it with New Zealand sourced Manuka Honey, and is the very first skincare range to contain a powerful UMF20+ (Unique Manuka Factor, the higher the UMF the higher the antibacterial activity) for effective skin solutions.

Purified Venom is superior to raw venom as it ensures consistency and stability within a formulation, while making the active components highly concentrated, so I needn’t use a lot to get the desired results!

After cleansing with a gentle exfoliator, I eagerly applied the serum. Firstly, the fresh honey smell is amazing, and I was relieved to find out the serum was non-sticky. The venom refines the texture of the skin, allowing the honey to sink far deeper into the layers of the skin’s dermis than your average product. The hydrating properties then assist with cell regeneration, working to reduce the appearance of any scars, fine lines or wrinkles.

Instantly my skin feels tighter, smoother and incredibly soft. I look forward to continue using Beetox’s “hero product” daily, as the benefits attached are appealing. Since it sinks straight into the skin there’s no need to wait before applying makeup.

Beetox Bee Venom Serum is £45, available at www.beetox.co.uk

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