Francesca and Sam’s Exclusive Extravaganza at Wynyard Hall

Now, when we look at a real wedding and the glorious images that are left to tell the story forever, it fills us with glee. Happy faces, dancing, romancing, all the love. But this one blew all of that out of the water – a monumental celebration of Italian-esque exuberance at the iconic estate of

A Vibrant Celebration At The Clarion Hotel Boldon

Emma and Mark met through social media eleven years ago. Their first date was at the cinema, and their favourite spot at a waterfall in Scotland was the setting for Mark’s heartfelt proposal. A truly fabulous setting for the beginning of this couples exciting wedding journey.       DATE AND VENUE SET IN STONE

Laura and Ramin’s Ravishing Romance at Eshott Hall

“We discovered we really liked each other on the Great Wall of China,” as you do – on a school trip as young and bashful teens – but now and Laura and Ramin have broken down each others walls and find themselves as a devoted husband and wife team.  Not long after their 10 year

Olivia and Liam’s Lavish Love in at Ellingham

It all started at Loveshack nightclub in Durham. Liam in club tie and suit, Olivia in lifeguard fancy dress, the pair struck up quite the bond on a university sport social night out. Since then, Olivia and Liam’s relationship blossomed to slightly more glamorous settings when we asked her to marry him on the beach

Jennifer and Liam’s Joyful Sun-Soaked Romance at Rudding

Jennifer and Liam met and wooed each other as teenagers, a romance that quickly fizzled out. It was a full 5 years later that they reconnected, bumping into each other on Christmas Eve 2010. One date later and this unbreakable duo formed. Liam proposed in the hotel room in Iceland after the temperamental Northern Lights

Kayla and Sam’s Splendid Affair at The Clarion

Having met 10 years ago through work, Kayla and Sam reconnected after coincidentally bumping into each other in a shop. As is life, these little moments have prevalence, and the couple began a love story which saw them reach two huge milestones within two months – having a lovely little daughter and getting engaged. Rich in

Emily and Mark’s Funky Friday Festival

One Friday night in January 2015, Mark (a videographer) was slinging cocktails in Leeds' coolest bar 'Smokestack'. The Motown was pumping, drinks were flowing and Emily was third wheeling a friends tinder date.  Emily's friend was determined to find her a fella. A few daiquiris later, numbers were exchanged and the rest is history! The

Steven and David’s Epic Extravaganza at Ellingham Hall

A Beautiful Storm This love story began in the most incidental of ways. Both working for the same rail company for two years, David and Steven had never spoken until a line hiccup with Storm Doris meant they had to board the same train. They began talking, and as they say, the rest is history. David

Vanessa and Glenn’s Dreamy Day at Brinkburn

Hosted at the infamous venue that is Brinkburn in the Northumberland countryside, this terrific tale between Vanessa and Glenn was told so picture-perfectly by none other than the bride's brother-in-law, Harry Baldwin who is behind M.I.N.E Photography – the NE based snapper on our Supplier Guest List. As a lot of modern romances, Vanessa and

Emeliene and Jake’s Magical Matfen Matrimony

Emeliene and Jake tied the knot with a gorgeous tonal affair at Matfen Hall in Northumberland as if fresh from a movie scene, and their love story began in a similar vain – at the cinema. From their night at the movies, this pair locked love languages straight away it seems, and their relationship blossomed before