Brockley Hall: A Vibrant Celebration For Dan And Melissa


Brockley Hall: A Vibrant Celebration For Dan And Melissa


Here at Belle Bridal we are firm believes of fate, and although Daniel and Melissa may have thought it a huge inconvenience when their vacation plans were cancelled, leading them to stumble across each other in Blackpool, it was clear that they were destined to be together.

“The ash cloud over Iceland erupted and ruined our plans, so we both ended up making the most of a bad situation by heading to Blackpool. I was with my sister and Dan was with twenty of his friends on a stag do.”

From a unique acquaintance to a unique venue, Daniel and Melissa said “I Do” in Brockley Hall & Huntcliffe High School on the 29th July 2017.

“It’s a brilliant venue for a wedding. We were treated like royalty by all the staff and they were so accommodating from the outset, highly professional and provided excellent food too. We chose the venue because we had a strict budget and I was trying to think outside the box.”

Primary colours bursting from bouquets and buntings alike made for a vibrant celebration for the couple and their families.

“The main aim was to have one big party and celebrate in style with our loved ones. Our worlds don’t often collide being from different areas (Saltburn & Bolton) so we wanted all our friends and family to meet by having a huge party. We also have a little boy together (Toby aged 2) and we wanted to have him right by our sides to celebrate with us…. and he did!”

But it seemed as though some of the wedding guests may have partied a little too hard and ended up in bed some time earlier than others. “The best man did the speech then went home to bed due to too much alcohol.”

How did you choose your photographer?

"I found 50mm Fairy through Facebook and checked out the website. She does packages to suit every budget, which I found incredible. Her style of photography suited the theme of the day down to the ground. She has a real eye for capturing the most natural moments but still with a quirky edge."

Advice for other brides and grooms?

"You can do a wedding on a budget. There are lots you can do yourself and plenty of spaces waiting to be used."

What was your highlight of the day?

"Marrying my soul mate and getting to share that with my little boy."