Iscoyd Park: A Truly Gorgeous Celebration For Christina And Owen


Iscoyd Park: A Truly Gorgeous Celebration For Christina And Owen


Like many modern love stories, Christina and Owen met online after work life got in the way of romance. The couple hit it of instantly and knew they had found "the one." Fast-forward to 28th October 2017 and the two celebrated their lives coming together in a beautiful ceremony in front of family and friends.

“We have been together for three years and it’s absolutely the best feeling ever. We are very well known for being romantics at heart and even had our first dance song – Al Green Let’s Stay Together.”

“As this was an English wedding, I wanted to put my culture where I could so it represented both of us coming together as one.”

“I also wanted to give our guests a feel for Indian weddings. I normally wear a bindi and I had this for wedding favours for the ladies and Indian Rakhi bracelets for the men. I then wanted to wow my guests again with Indian music, so I hired two Indian drummers to surprise my guests after we did our first dance to an English song. Having these embedded into the wedding meant our guests had a great time enjoying a unique wedding and seeing Owen and I become one.”

This vibrant celebration took place against the picturesque backdrop of Iscoyd Park.

“I knew by the time I clicked onto the website this venue was us. It’s a beautiful Georgian country house that speaks elegance and romance with a unique modern touch. The clean, crisp but warm rooms they offer just blew my breath away, and many of our guests complimented the venue too.”

“I would fully recommend the venue, the staff are amazing and really look after you. Attention to detail is off the record with this venue! The wedding coordinator makes you feel like you’re the only one getting married there too and they are truly worth every magical moment there.”

Any funny stories from the wedding?

"When I first walked up to Owen with my dad, the registrar said “Owen you can stand next to her you know! Your not strangers.” Then, when we were saying our vows, the registrar said “I take Gareth to be my…”. I looked at her, then at Owen and thought this doesn’t sound right! So I said, “I take Oweennnnnn”. We could not stop laughing because Owens Dad who’s called Gareth said, “Right I’m coming Christina” and everyone was laughing so much. The photographer caught this and we certainly will never forget these two funny moments."

Advice for other brides and grooms?

"All the work you put into this wedding is worth every moment. I personally did something wedding related once a month, it meant I was taking my time with things but also really enjoying the planning. You will always feel stressed the last month leading up to the wedding but once again worth every moment because it truly is the best day ever!"

What was your highlight of the day?

"Our first dance was Al Green – Let’s Stay Together - and it was so touching to hear everyone singing. Me and Owen just sung so loud with everyone and had real fun! Owen even lowered me down which was caught by the photographer and that made me giggle because it was such a smooth move! It was truly a beautiful song and we shared it with all our loved ones."

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