Rocking A Marie Antoinette Theme – Louise And Michael At Lartington Hall

We love the sophisticated simplicity of this elegant country wedding, with a colour injection from the pastel blooms and ornate cake and a pretty tea-lenth gown. The location, Lartington Hall, lends itself perfectly to elegant weddings and can be hired exclusively for the day.

RGMphoto sent us these beautiful images of the day, capturing the love with a fresh yet romantic approach…

1.RGM Lartington Hall 284ebf_96c6d163a15b440781eeaa5e0dd2a57d.png_srb_p_1243_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

2.RGM Lartington Hall 284ebf_273cae6c6aac41b1bb561033476806f5.png_srb_p_1174_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

The gorgeous pastel bouquet by Wild and Wonderful was just a hint at the Marie Antoinette theme that was set to unfold throughout the day. “We were inspired by the movie Marie Antoinette, so opted for pastel colours of pinks and blues everywhere with a mix of glass and gold.”

4. 284ebf_6e2eb67fa6bd45f08c561013eeb59b55.png_srb_p_1202_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

5. 284ebf_4ef5833a82b3435697e0b69405daed63.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

6. 284ebf_75bb6a783e68410c85d9ad00b17db7c4.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

7. 284ebf_d9db7f74c54948328cd1f9d2c893c650.png_srb_p_1300_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

8. 284ebf_90f59515392b41fbb5260d38f10c726e.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

9. 284ebf_e912995755a5462498c1920465974cf3.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

10. 284ebf_67b1343e13ab46b7ac45e44cca63c6df.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

11. 284ebf_b8df2f6ef89b4cd3a715309b61b83950.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

12. 284ebf_3a5b68594baa46f89ec3329509487a59.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

12. 284ebf_8328253bb53b408abe14a56746c91a37.png_srb_p_1183_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

13. 284ebf_6884b9385f1c473b95ff7a5796dc227f.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

There was no bridal party as such, just a cute flower girl and page boy, as Louise explains: “We chose to be as informal as possible and let everyone choose their own suits and dresses for the day, there weren’t any specific ‘bridesmaids’ or ‘groomsmen’ as everyone there meant the same to us. My older brother and sister-in-law signed the register for us, it felt very relaxed and family-orientated. I wanted as many children there as I could manage because to us, a wedding isn’t a wedding without a crying child at the back of the service!”

14. 284ebf_33731cd808724a00b4ddc8856dd4c3f7.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

15. 284ebf_e16e49c64d524fb1835a30c995b0e0e9.png_srb_p_1262_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

16. 284ebf_8f9dd94fbffd45768062ffbcce4bcb0f.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

17. 284ebf_46c0f11d4be5404fa1a205e4a4a3dddb.png_srb_p_1300_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

18. 284ebf_d122153efdaf4c04949100c22c62ff8b.png_srb_p_1209_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

19. 284ebf_e4a84e2688a44fea94a60b226b0a856c.png_srb_p_1200_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

20. 284ebf_3cb3adb320e540289b28f8e71de39856.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

21. 284ebf_2f6ac2e04466443e82a541bf1626722c.png_srb_p_1271_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

22. 284ebf_4e13e8d770d2429c9c0c45398ed81736.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

The couple added their mutual love of horses to the day too, with equestrian themed wedding favours and table names, as bride Louise explains: “We had our favours handmade for us by a lady called Karen who owns Rowe Rosettes, she makes rosettes for horse shows as we both wanted an equine touch to the day as we have our own horses but thought it would be too much stress to arrange for them to be there on the day- if was great to see everyone wearing the rosettes and showing us support!”

23. 284ebf_a71875fd2d6f49f48e272881052045c8.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

24. 284ebf_e8d29f1cfc524b6ca772d15580bed6d6.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

25. 284ebf_ec17055abd23495fbcb2aea4a529367a.png_srb_p_1234_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

26. 284ebf_fc212ae08e0e4acca975ec215f295d19.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

27. 284ebf_597f7bb3bd764dac94870c92516dd0fc.png_srb_p_600_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

28. 284ebf_ee025ed2f9ab4abda033d5918e053b25.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

29. 284ebf_0b06789dcf2048ff95dd3c0c280d5407.png_srb_p_1227_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

30. 284ebf_3e355bc3733e4e169ddc45fec089a4f9.png_srb_p_1229_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

31. 284ebf_c9fe59e07e2c4a7496eeb75011c365d5.png_srb_p_1203_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

“We chose Ross Martin from RGMphoto because we were imidiately drawn to his calming, relaxed demenour. From then we flicked through the albums and just loved the angles and shots Ross produced, he really did think of truly inventive ways to capture a beautiful image. On our pre-wedding shoot he made both myself and my partner, who was very camera shy, feel so relaxed. Then, on the big day, Ross was a huge help, he had us organised to perfection and remembered everything we forgot! A true professional, highly recommended!”

32. 284ebf_d1e100d6bc32427ab552196dc3c26bda.png_srb_p_1229_819_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srb

The Finer Details:

Photography: RGMphoto
Venue: Lartington Hall
Bride’s Dress: Tom Flowers at Berketex Bride, Newcastle
Hair: Alison from Skullduggeri, Newcastle
Make-up: Melissa Lamb
Flowers: Wild and Wonderful
Cake: Family friend Julie Norris
Stationery: Made to Treasure
Entertainment: North East DJ



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