South Causey Inn: Jessica and Jonathon’s Eclectically Gin-Inspired Wedding Day

Image by Mark Hedley

Jessica and Jonathan first met when Jonathan was a seven-year-old new kid in class, but it wasn’t until high-school when the couple became closer.  After more than one attempt at inviting Jessica out with him – often being thwarted by Jessica’s plans for a night in watching X-Factor – she finally went over to his house to watch ‘Hitch’… and ten years later they were hitched too!

Image by Mark Hedley

The Proposal

Not wanting to make things too easy for Jonathan, Jessica’s desire to escape the rain at the Edinburgh Christmas Markets put a delay on Jonathan’s proposal plans. It wasn’t until the next morning, when Jessica had looked away for a second during a brisk morning walk that Jonathan was finally able to get down on one knee.

Image by Mark Hedley
“I’m so happy that is where he decided to propose as we can visit whenever we want with living so close!” – Jessica

Image by Mark Hedley
The bride-to-be couldn’t even remember what Jonathan had said or if she even said yes, she just remembers being absolutely over the moon.  She was also thrilled that in the end he had asked for her hand somewhere so close to home so that they could visit whenever they want. 

The Boutique’s Touch

When it came to wedding gown shopping, Jessica’s experience really is testament to the importance of choosing the right boutique.
Image by Mark Hedley
“[Dawn] asked me lots of questions about me, Jonathan and the venue.” – Jessica
Dawn at Bride’s Dream held Jessica’s hand every step of the gown buying process and, to the surprise of the bride, Jessica fell in love with a princess gown, recalling that she had always been so adamant against one in the past. However, with Dawn’s guidance, she tried on a luxurious Demetrios ball gown in champagne… there wasn’t a dry eye in the boutique when she walked out and she knew that she had picked the gown for her.

Let the Celebrations Be-GIN

When it came to wedding planning Jessica and Jonathan were pretty laid-back, the only must-have element of their celebrations was to have all of their family around us as they began their new adventure together.

Image by Mark Hedley
Having seen pictured of South Causey Inn in the past, Jessica had already mentioned how much she loved the idea of getting married there – so of course it was the first venue Jessica went to visit, with her mam.  

Image by Mark Hedley
“If Jonathan had been with me then I would have booked there and then. It’s just a beautiful, magical venue and the views from the Old Barn are amazing!” – Jessica
The already charmingly rustic venue was decorated with a wood, rose gold, dusty pink and green them; and the eclectic touches were carried through with the addition of gin bottles and each table being named after a different gin.

Advice from the Bride

“I remember our wedding co-ordinator handing us both a drink and telling us to sit down together and digest what had just happened.” – Jessica

Image by Mark Hedley
Although it can be hard to do with such a busy day, it’s so important to take a step back and just enjoy one of the most magical day of your life!


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