Southern Lea Farms: A DIY Wedding In Florida


Southern Lea Farms: A DIY Wedding In Florida


Stephanie and Eric tied the knot among the picturesque surroundings of Southern Lea Farms in Wausau Florida on the 3rd March 2018. The couple said "I do" in front of their closest family and friends (even the four legged kind) and held a beautiful celebration that truly captured the essence of their relationship.

"Eric and I met at the church we still attend together. He had just moved here and worked with Travis who was my best friend at the time. When Travis introduced us I leaned over and said “oh wow where have you been hiding this one!” We became friends first and then started dating almost 2 months later. He is by far the most humble, loving, caring, protective and supportive man I have ever met."

Filled with roses, fairy lights and chandeliers, this picture perfect day oozed romance and elegance, something the couple had very much hoped for.

"We were planning on paying for the wedding ourselves and I quickly became overly exhausted trying to DIY everything. I was losing sleep and my mind; it was then my fiancé requested that I find help to ease my burden."

"I met Larry (Wedding by Larry), but I couldn’t get a clear projection of what I wanted because I was so overwhelmed. What Larry said to me was so simple 'let it go and leave it to me, we’ll make it the wedding of your dreams,' and boy did he deliver; he took my botched ideas and thoughts and transformed it into the beautiful creation you see in pictures!"

But the true finishing touches from Stephanie and Eric's day came not from the décor but the people around them.

"I knew I needed my horse and dog in the wedding. This was a horse I rescued nearly five years ago. I was going through a lot in life and Killian became my therapist. On such an important day I wanted him there to help give me away."

"I wanted my mother to be my Matron of Honour. I battled with this because it was out of the norm and I was not in lack of friends to choose from but when it came down to it I started thinking: 'who has always been there for me? 'Who never makes an excuse to help me when I need it?' 'Which of my friends pushes me to be better?' 'Who do I spent the most time with?' 'Who will always be there for me?' Each had a definitive answer… mom."

How did you choose your photographer? "I wanted someone who had a vision and not just someone who snapped pictures and put a filter on them. I wanted someone who knew how to photograph a horse and someone who would see the wedding through my eyes. I also wanted someone who would have fun and take the crazy shots. I saw her pictures online and felt something… hard to explain but I knew she was perfect for us."

Advice for other brides and grooms? "YES!! Don’t sweat the small stuff … you won’t make everyone happy, EVER!"

"What was your highlight of the day? Too many to name one in particular but my horse was an absolute perfect gentlemen! Seeing Eric tear up when I came walking up on Killian was priceless! We wrote our own vows which made us tear up along with our audience! My mom did a special rap to 'The Thrift Shop Song' that was hysterical and my dad read the Shabbat Blessing during his prayer for us. All of these and so many more wonderful memories made this my DREAM Wedding, I could ask for nothing more."


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