Amy and Lawrence’s Wondrous Wharfedale Love-In

Relaxed and based on the things they liked as a couple, this real wedding at Wharfedale Grange from 2018 is reminding us all what we’ve got to look forward to with post-pandemic weddings.

All the guests, all the laughs and all the love. And none of the masks.

Cue the pretty pictures…

Glamour at the Grange

Amy and Lawrence were one of the first couples to get married at Wharfedale Grange – a rustic luxe Yorkshire venue that oozes class.

“We would 100% recommend Wharfedale Grange. The bar area is particularly gorgeous but the high ceilings in the ceremony room and dining area are lovely too. It had everything we could want in a venue.

We didn’t really have a theme as such, other than good people, good wine, good food and good music.”

The Perfect Pair

Different to the usual bride-centric weddings we can experience, Amy and Laurence planned every part of their big day together.

“The only parts we organised individually were our outfits!”

And on that note, they more than held their own.

Amy stunned in a delicately detailed Enzoani showstopper from the Harrogate Wedding Lounge.

With classic cuts and elegant embellishments flowing from the bodice to the skirt, it was the perfect gown that, in her own words, fitted like a glove.

Laurence’s suit was a classic nuptial navy number that he matched marvellously with his groomsmen.

Any Objections?

We’ve all experienced the tumbleweed moment when the registrar asks if any of the guests object… But imagine the horror of your nephew shouting ‘no no no!’ to break the silence.

That’s exactly what happened to Amy and Lawrence! Fair to say that little lad was spared the chocolate pudding at the dinner…

Family Fortunes

– The groom’s sister-in-law, Azzurra Ardovini, is a professional dancer and choreographed their first dance
– His father (Mauricio Contreras) kindly supplied all of the wedding wine from a vineyard in his home country of Chile
– His brothers organised a notice in the Times newspaper the day after the wedding to announce the marriage as a surprise

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