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Rosa Clará: 25 Years of Magic

Rosa Clará: 25 Years of Magic

Rosa Clara 2004

On the 10th of January 2020, Rosa Clará celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Rosa Clará began her bridal fashion journey when she opened her first boutique in Barcelona. Entering the bridal fashion scene, she had no idea the brand would be so successful.

Rosa Clará

With experience in fashion design, business sense and bridal love, Rosa set out with intentions of bringing a breath of fresh air to the more traditional style of bridal. Wanting to connect with the new generation of bride, Rosa used contemporaneity and individuality as a key point in her impression.

With innovative creations and commitment to premium-quality fabrics, Rosa Clará was only strengthened by partnerships with renowned haut couture designers of the stature of Karl Lagerfeld. Rosa Clará gowns are currently available at over 4,000 outlets in 80 countries, an incredible representation of growth and development in just 25 years. 

Since 1995, Rosa Clará have provided brides with exquisite gowns for the most special day of their life. Commemorating their huge milestone, Rosa Clará will be hosting a collection of memorable anniversary events.

One of the highlights that Rosa Clará will be presenting is the annual runway show during the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Promising to be ‘one to remember’, this show will be better than it’s even been before. The show will even feature the unveiling of Rosa Clará 2021 collection, with special appearances from well-known friends of the Rosa Clará brand.

The designer has expressed her excitement for this glorious time for Rosa Clara, saying:

“”I never could have imagined that so many brides would dream of wearing one of my dresses on the biggest day of their lives. Every single moment has been special, and every single bride has been a part of our history.”

Rosa Clará 2013 Collection_BarbaraPalvin_Sara Sampaio

As another exciting element of the firm’s rise, Rosa Clará are also releasing a ‘microsite’, which will be entirely devoted to the development and progression of the brand. From the opening of the very first boutique in Barcelona, to transforming into a worldwide benchmark in the luxury bridal sector.

The new website will also feature testimonials from Rosa Clará Brides. Sharing their experiences from the first boutique visit, to how utterly fantastic they felt on their wedding day. Proving an insight into the unique, emotional and magical service that Rosa Clará delivers to each one of their girls.

So with an exciting 2020 ahead of the bridal brand, Rosa Clará are ready to offer excellence and fresh new things to the world of bridal styling.

Visit Rosa Clará to see the innovative work of a bridal, business entrepreneur.

Words by Beth Callaghan 

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