A Compassionate Candlelit NYE at Holmfirth Vineyard

Kate and Emma began with a classic love story, working in a school together, they both secretly had a crush on each other but remained just best friends as they couldn’t be together. Once Kate found out Emma had handed in her notice for the school, she couldn’t hold her feelings back any longer, and

A Copper and Crimson Celebration at Shortflatt Tower

Marrying on a Saturday, Laura and Jamie travelled to the venue on the Friday afternoon; a journey they had taken so often before felt distinctly more magical with autumnal oranges and golden hour sun illuminating their entrance into the estate – “it felt like a dream”, Laura said. Duckhouse Pantry laid on a gorgeous meal

Pampas and Sage Summer Celebration at Newton Hall

Jennifer and Calum, a deeply committed couple who had been together for many years, had no idea that their chance meeting at a friend's party would lead to a breathtaking wedding ceremony almost a decade later. The culmination of their love story was a magnificent affair, as Jennifer donned an enchanting Enzoani gown from The

A Fresh Summer Fantasy at Woodhill

Divine dancing, effortless romancing, this was an emphatic weekend wedding pin pointing the power of exclusive use at one of the UK’s most versatile wedding estates. Perched amongst the rolling Northumbrian countryside on a private 100-acre estate, Woodhill offers an utterly unique weekend wedding experience which Laura and Joe more than made the most of.

Timelessly Classic Nuptials at The Normans

For any Leeds frequenter, the ‘Headingly Mile’ pub crawl isn’t one of the first places you’d expect to meet your life partner. Many things, but real romance starter certainly isn’t one. But for Anna and Matthew this is where their love story began, both raving in a nightclub-cross-church (yes, really) called Halo when eyes met

A Late September Countryside Wedding at The Bosk

A post-ceremony romantic wander, garden drinks, dinner overlooking the rolling hills and late night dance floor forays. We approve, let us grab our wellies. It was hosted at the incredible new rustic luxe haven that is The Bosk, a privately-owned wedding destination boasting onsite accommodation, catering, leisure facilities and unmatched serenity. Hidden deeply in the

A Winter Wonderland Wedding at Barmbyfield Barns

After locking eyes over a pint in the Woolpack pub- yes you read that right, the actual pub from Emmerdale- Lauren and Steven’s love affair began; thankfully their relationship has been a lot less dramatic than the ones you see in the soaps. Surrounded by their six combined children, a turkey, sprouts and some pigs

A Magical Modern Winter Wedding at GG’s Yard in Scotland

Steph and Mike chose well - from the esteemed snapping skills of their photographer Camilla to the spellbinding setting of their venue overlooking the Solway Coast - with superstar suppliers came a story full of twists and turns, but in the end, this December party was one to remember. Despite going to the same school,

Katie and Adam’s rustic luxe love-in at Langley Castle Hotel

After a romantic Christmas 2019 proposal on Bamburgh Beach – a beauty spot that is deeply special to Katie’s family – the rest, as they say, is history. However, Covid-19 had other plans for their big day. Having had to postpone their wedding date once during the pandemic, Katie admits that the planning process was

Elle and Noah’s Pastel Pretty Love Story

It all began back before anyone was swiping left or right, in the humble enclaves of Newcastle’s Tup Tup Palace VIP section. A night out on the tiles turned into a string of dates which turned into a blossoming romance, and before long, Elle and Noah were destined to spend forever together after he popped