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The 5 Rules of Engagement – Tips For Proposing To Your Significant Other

The 5 Rules of Engagement – Tips For Proposing To Your Significant Other

This festive period has been the pinnacle of proposals – with countless couples securing their love with that heart-warming, down-on-one-knee moment.

Maybe it’s that being locked down has made them realise their love, perhaps it’s that he’s eventually succumbed to the constant ring hints (we know your game, girl!) – whatever the reason, this pandemic has proven emphatically that #LoveIsNotCancelled.

And, if you’re considering joining the throngs of loved-up newly engaged couples in 2021, but you don’t quite know how to go about it, this blog is the perfect hand-holder.

Our #guestlist wedding planner-cum-blogger The Wedding Taylor has came up with five handy proposal tips to help you pop the question with ease.

1. Ask Father (or Guardian’s) permission.

Now this might feel a bit old and traditional, however, chances are it will be really important to her dad.

I know it’s a bit daunting but not only is it a great bonding experience, but you’ll probably gain some respect from him in the process (that’s his baby girl remember)… and it’s ALWAYS best to get on with your ‘in-laws’ to-be!

2. Make sure her Nails are done

Again, this might sound silly to you… but in this age of social media you know she’s going to want to get straight on instagram and post a thousand pictures of that beautiful ring that you spent ages saving up for!

So, make sure those nails are manicured to perfection. You could send her on a pamper day in advance as a little treat beforehand, earn some brownie points at the same time (two birds one stone and all that!).

Or if you’re worried about tipping her off, enlist the help of a friend of family member.

Make sure it’s someone you trust, who can keep their mouth shut… you wouldn’t want them spilling the beans. I’ve got the biggest mouth (as my friends will definitely tell you) and I’m the worst liar… so don’t come asking me!

3. Get down on one knee

It’s silly… but it’s important to us.

Apparently according to ‘Engagement Ring Bible’ Knight’s used to do it in front of their lords as a display of respect, obedience and loyalty… no wonder we like it so much!

4. Use their FULL NAME!

This is the one time we ask you to be serious and show that you mean it.

And, let’s not lie… if you don’t know their full name, you probably shouldn’t be asking the question! (Unless you’re drunk and in Vegas or course!).

5. Get a Photo

Or go one better and get it on video (like Mr T did!)

It’s SUCH a special moment in your lives… we want it documented so we can show every single person we know!

You’ll notice there is nothing about engagement rings in here… I’m a massive believer in the fact that if your man proposes to you, and he’s the one, it doesn’t matter if it’s even just a Haribo ring… if you love him you’ll say yes!

And some couples like to choose their engagement rings together. What a brilliant shopping day that would be! A great idea for the girls who are SUPER particular and would prefer to have a say in their ‘frosting’.

So that’s it! Those are the 5 ‘rules’ if you like.

Now I’m sure you already thought of all these things yourself, but it’s handy to have a little checklist to make you feel as prepared as possible for that big moment!

If you’re the one waiting for the question to be popped, feel free to send this post to your partner as a massive HINT… that’s definitely what I would do!

And whoever is doing the proposing… Good Luck!

(and let me know how it goes!)

Lots of Love,

Mrs T x

Taylored To You

Having worked in the industry for over 8 years (and chaperoned over 400 wonderful weddings!) Northern lass Hannah Taylor (Mrs T) has built up an inherent passion for all things marriages, and simply, loves love.

To find out more about her and how her bespoke consultation service can help quash those big day nerves and get you aisle-ready, head to her dedicated Guest List portfolio here!

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