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A Brand New Wedding Barn Coming Soon…

A Brand New Wedding Barn Coming Soon…

Tithe Barn New Wedding Venue

For those searching for their dream wedding venue, we’ve got some very exciting news to share with you all. Our avid readers will have already seen this in the pages of our glossy magazine, but there’s a brand new wedding venue coming soon and we’re thrilled to announce it’s a barn! That’s right, leading event organisers, Cripps & Co, are set to open Tithe Barn this coming August.

Tithe Barn New Wedding Venue

Situated in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, on the Duke of Devonshire’s Bolton Abbey Estate, The Tithe Barn is one of the largest barns of its type in the UK. The magnificent Tithe Barn, or perhaps more accurately described as the “Great Barn” Bolton Abbey is an outstanding and rare example of a well-preserved medieval timber barn; its sheer size, scale, and self-supporting design alone – a building feat in the 16th century – makes it an iconic building of national significance. This will be a genuinely unrivalled venue owing to its extraordinary heritage, grandiose structure and outstanding setting against impeccable scenery.

Stunning inside and out, couples and their guests at The Tithe Barn will be able to soak up the spectacular surrounding views and admire the building’s impressive structure and atmosphere. The barn is set in the heart of the Duke of Devonshire’s Bolton Abbey Estate and overlooks the dramatic Priory ruins, Bolton Abbey itself, the River Wharfe and the well-loved Yorkshire landscape surrounding the estate. The Tithe Barn is one of the most romantic and majestic barn settings in this part of the world.

Tithe Barn New Wedding Venue

Measuring 55-metres long and 51.5 metres wide, The Tithe Barn, Bolton Abbey will provide one of the largest, most spectacular exclusive-use spaces in which to get married in the North. Cripps & Co is a family-run business restoring the UK’s most beautiful barns for high-end, bespoke weddings and events with a relaxed, rustic atmosphere. Cripps & Co offer award-winning wedding services and when Tithe Barn opens couples can expect the following…

– A venue for civil wedding ceremonies that can accommodate up to 200 guests.
– A specially made, vast, BBQ for roasting Cripps & Co’s signature beef sirloin bricks and Asado lambs.
– A giant hand-made Parisian rotisserie for fresh, spit-roast chickens.
– Cripps & Co’s new and exciting ‘street food’ selection, including ‘London’s finest’ Baz & Fred Pizza.
– Exceptional wines, with some of the finest examples of any given region on offer, carefully selected by Cripps & Co’s wine experts and imported to the UK from boutique wine estates in France, Italy, Portugal and the UK.
– Late bar, open until 1am serving sophisticated cocktails and a wide range of beer, cider, spirits and liqueurs.
– A state-of-the-art sound system for both live bands and DJs.
– Intuitive, complimentary online planning platform for shared communications and organisation.
– On-site, award-winning wedding planning by the Cripps & Co team.

For more information about Tithe Barn, visit www.crippsboltonabbey.com or for more wedding inspiration take a look at our dedicated Northern wedding magazine.

Tithe Barn New Wedding Venue

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