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Wedding Facts: Did You Know?

Wedding Facts: Did You Know?

Did you know that one third of couples will have a social media ban the morning of their wedding? Did you know that one in 10 will delay their wedding due to #brexit? Don’t fret, we weren’t aware of this either, not until we spoke to WeddingDates.co.uk, who had spoken to more than 1,000 people throughout the UK, and got some pretty interesting feedback!

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First off, how real is the Brexit Effect? 89% of couples are unconcerned about the effect of Brexit and possible rising interest rates when it comes to planning their wedding. Spend varies greatly, and just over 25% have a budget of £10-15k (excluding honeymoon) and around 20% spend over £15k. While most couples like the idea of a June wedding, when it comes down to it they end up booking other months, with August and September topping the bill. Not surprising, Saturdays are still the most popular wedding date, followed by Fridays. According to WeddingDates CEO & Founder Ciara Crossan: “We’ve noticed some interesting trends over the past year, such as the rise of Monday weddings to get a good deal or couples pushing the wedding date out by a full year putting their house purchase first.”

Home is still where the heart is with 94% heading down the aisle in the UK after an average engagement of 1-2 years. With Church weddings now less than three weddings in 10, couples are definitely looking for alternative venues for their big day. Barns and other more unusual venues are on the rise, and couples know what they want visiting on average just 3 venues before making a decision. Ciara added: “Couples, understandably, want to feel super special on their day and so knowing that their venue only hosts one wedding is the most important factor to them when choosing a venue, quickly followed by the quality of the food and value for money.”

When it comes to social media, three quarters of people believe that it is not OK to post photos on social media before the wedding party. In fact, 1 in 10 couples will have an outright ban on social media for their wedding with a further 33% having a ban on it for the morning of the wedding and ceremony.

(*Research undertaken in August 2017 among 1087 respondents throughout the UK via Survey Monkey)

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