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The Nation’s Outlook On Wedding Gift Lists: The Good, The Expensive And The Unusual

The Nation’s Outlook On Wedding Gift Lists: The Good, The Expensive And The Unusual

Cutlery experts, Viners has polled the nation to find out the truth when it comes to wedding lists with some surprising results. From animals and divorce kits, to holidays and windows, the wedding lists of the UK have been uncovered, and some are more far-fetched than others!

Nation's Outlook On Wedding Gift Lists

Most unusual wedding gifts
Hold on to your confetti, when it comes to wedding gift lists, bedding and towels are fast being replaced by weird and wonderful ideas. When asked what the most unusual request seen on a wedding list was, the nation found the number one item was an animal. Pets reigned supreme as the most untraditional gift with a goat, dog and even a racehorse seen on wedding lists.

In second place on the most weird and wonderful list was a new set of windows. A pricey addition to any list, windows were found to be in hot demand. More surprising ideas included a pair of wellingtons, and even a divorce kit!

Wedding list extravaganza
When asked if wedding lists are becoming increasingly extravagant, almost 70% of respondents agreed, explaining that today’s wedding gift list could break the bank with thoughtful gifts now replaced by extravagant, expensive ideas.

When polled to find out the most popular gifts on a wedding list, money came out on top with the nation being asked to splash the cash on loved ones getting married. Hard, cold cash was by the far most popular with 24% of respondents stating it was the number one request. Following closely was white goods with fridges, freezers and cookers in demand. And the most expensive gift…well a round the world trip of course.

Nation's Outlook On Wedding Gift Lists

The future of gift lists
So what’s the future of gift lists? Do us Brits want a list to choose from or would we prefer to throw caution to the wind and send a gift from the heart. When polled, 34% of wedding attendees would prefer to buy gifts from a list, but 26% of the nation would just prefer to choose their own more unique presents making them as thoughtful as ever, splitting the nation.

Top homeware gifts
The traditional gifts still have their place with modern married couples with kitchenware, glasses, dinnerware, cutlery and textiles topping the homeware gift list. A constant on most wedding lists, homeware remains a firm favourite for newlyweds looking to cook and entertain at home.

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