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Wedding Light Trends With Projected Image

Wedding Light Trends With Projected Image

2018 wedding light trends reflect edge and cool ideas, with geometric shapes and minimalist accessories that are predicted to take next year by storm. We’re sharing the best 2018 wedding trends from Projected Image to ensure your celebration is unrivalled, along with plenty of ideas to complement your wedding theme.

The clean, simple and crisp look is the number one 2018 wedding trend. Light accessories and decorations, along with vast open spaces, will dominate the wedding scene next year. The key to the minimalistic look is to pay special attention to the finer details, including your lighting. One of our top event lighting tips with this wedding theme is to make a statement. Gobo lights are ideal for this, especially the monogram gobo. If you are hosting your wedding reception in a clear, open space – project your names and wedding date on the wall. The lighting is still in keeping with your theme, but provides an extra layer to your wedding – transforming your venue. We have a vast range of monogram gobo lighting for the job for you to peruse and gain inspiration.

Metallic details have already proven popular in 2017, and we predict will be one of the biggest 2018 wedding trends. Be on the lookout for copper and gold details for your accessories and table decor, perhaps even feature the trend on your ‘naked’ wedding cake. Metallic light trends are also thought to be huge in 2018. You could hang multiple light fixtures at your reception – all different heights for additional effect – along with brass fittings for lighting. Custom gobos, especially custom text gobos, work well with this theme, giving you complete control of the design. You could stick to the classic monogram projection, or upload your own artwork to pair with your wedding reception decor.

This 2018 wedding theme trend will focus on natural colours, muted lights and taking things back to basics. Polished details and intricate pieces will be the focus of this wedding trend, with receptions moving outdoors to celebrate nature. Brass accessories and garlands of flowers will work well with this 2018 wedding trend. As for the lighting trend to complement this theme, you could also take your gobo lighting outside. Outdoor gobo projectors are perfectly capable of projecting images in daylight; you just need to find a shaded area for the best image quality. A marquee is a great space for an LED gobo projector, while still enhancing the peaceful and tranquil wedding theme you have chosen.

While 2018 wedding trends are predominantly natural and minimalist, a pop of colour is still considered one of the greatest event lighting tips. Colour lighting doesn’t have to be intimidating, as there are plenty of opportunities for sophisticated gobo lights adding colour to your reception. Colour LED lights can be as elegant as monochrome lighting. You could use colour LED lights to highlight certain areas of your wedding reception, such as the bar. Stick to darker colours for a more romantic wedding theme, or even use an outdoor gobo projector to highlight the entrance to your venue.

The Belle Bridal Gobo Review:
When it comes to your special day its only natural to want something that will set your wedding a part from others. Many couples often desire something that offers a unique touch to their very personal day, and we think we’ve found just what you’re looking for.

Projected Image has brought this possibility to life with their Gobo and Gobo Projectors. These projectors not only offer beautiful patterns, but also personalised images. These striking projections can be used both inside your venue and even in the grounds with both indoor and outdoor projectors available. They also offer smaller designs for the more intimate weddings still trying to find a signature style. Plus, the LED bulb lasts 50,000 hours ensuring it will be the last man standing at your reception.

If you attended our Wedding Wonder Show at the Stadium of Light you may have seen our logo projected onto our amazing catwalk and around various walls at the venue. This was a customised Gobo monogram that sits inside of the projectors, which provided a crisp image and certainly did not go unnoticed by our hundreds of brides.

With more than 90 designs, we think this could be the perfect finishing touch to any wedding. Looking for a unique touch, then this could be the missing element you’ve been searching for!

For more information visit www.projectedimage.com

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