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What’s Hot For Florals In 2018?

What’s Hot For Florals In 2018?

Ricky Paul Flowers have been looking into the projected trends in the world of weddings to see what’s going to be BIG this year in florals…

It seems that there is going to be an emphasis on “abundance” with lots of luxurious blooms such as garden roses, orchids and of course the much loved peonies. Surrounding guests with flowers with hanging installations, using clear glass, perspex and mirrors to highlight colours.

The Pantone colour of the year is Ultra Violet, described as “dramatically provocative and thoughtful.” Rich purples paired with crisp whites highlight the colour fantastically and it also works so well with silvers and golds adding a regal element to designs. Soft greys, creams and pale pinks tone down the intensity offering a more romantic colour palette.

Predictions say that couples with concentrate budgets on statement pieces. The beloved flower walls will morph into ceilings, floors and other structural installations. Head tables will be filled with flowers tumbling off the end to the floor.

Pastel colours will stay, they are the epitome of romance, but couples will be more daring with their choices and add POPS of colour to their bouquets, stationery, tablescapes and fashion.

Images by Ricky Paul Flowers

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